Passenger Information and entertainment

Towards global communication 

The challenge

Rail operators have to satisfy ever higher expectations from passengers wishing to transform their travel time into a productive moment. Modern means of communication can contribute to meeting this need by making real-time information as well as on-board audio and video entertainment available. 

The Alstom solution  

To meet passenger need for information and entertainment during a journey, Alstom uses the latest real-time Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The system architecture integrates public address, intercom, passenger information, infotainment, seat reservation displays, Internet connectivity, etc.

A sustainable and adaptable multi-function system

  • Alstom’s passenger information and entertainment system covers all types of needs for trains, stations and control centres: from public announcements to making on-board Internet available
  • The system is available on all rolling stock platforms: metros, tramways, suburban, regional, high and very high-speed trains,
  • These applications all conform to American and European audiovisual communication standards for impaired passengers.

An integrated solution

  • Alstom’s IP (Internet Protocol) solutions allow easy integration of other equipment at the time of the system’s installation or later in its life,
  • The system’s integrated architecture enables the train to be in continuous communication with stations, control centres and the maintenance depots. The system provides other functions such as safety, telecommunications, and traffic control and surveillance for optimum operational efficiency.