A unique train range

With its recognised industrial strategy, using standardised components and paying particular attention to design, Alstom Transport offers a range of train that combines technology, reliability, styling and comfort.

Urban and regional transport: cities reshaped and more fluid regional links

In 2030, the majority of the world’s population will be urban. Several hundred cities will include more than one million inhabitants.

This new order will completely change the urban fabric and render population movements more complex. Inter-city and suburban connections will be part of the daily life of an increasing number of passengers.

Alstom is providing operators with sustainable solutions that respect the environment.

Main lines: Alstom is bringing people and territories closer

Comfort, capacity, rapidity, safety, respect for the environment…

Whether for main line links between high population density areas, sparsely populated areas or more isolated territories, Alstom – world leader in very high speed – proposes ecological and high performance solutions for transporting passengers and goods.