High-Speed train Pendolino

A different idea of high-speed

The challenge

The circulation of high-speed trains normally requires gentle slopes and the existence of specific track sections with large radius curves. This can become a costly constraint when the landscape is unsuited to this type of infrastructure. 

The Alstom solution 

Permitting any country, whatever its geography, to have access to high-speed rail required an innovative solution. The tilting technology developed by Alstom with its Pendolino platform makes it possible, on already existing tracks, to tilt trains on curves to maintain speed while preserving passenger comfort. In terms of investment, this is the most competitive solution on the high-speed market.

Pendolino adapts to the existing network and optimises journey times

  • The Tiltronix technology, an on-board active tilting system, makes it possible to maintain speeds of up to 250 km/h in curves (35% more than for a conventional train),
  • Infrastructure costs are reduced,
  • The integrated ETCS* system, complying with the latest ERTMS** standards and operable under 4 different tensions, allows it to run on different networks.

Pendolino preserves passenger comfort

  • The Tiltronix technology guarantees perfect stability inside the train in curves,
  • Trains are air conditioned and insulated to adapt to all types of climate,
  • Cars are equipped with individual passenger information and entertainment systems

* European Train Control System
** European Railway Traffic Management System 

Video - Pendolino presentation