Regional train Coradia

Offering local economical and ecological mobility

The challenge 

Regional transport users expect safety, comfort and speed. What is more, operators require maximum fleet availability while respecting the environment.

The Alstom solution

Alstom proposes Coradia, a range of regional trains which provide an answer to the specific needs of each region:

  • Capacity (Coradia Duplex),
  • Non-electrified lines (Coradia Lint),
  • Flexibility (Coradia Continental and Coradia Polyvalent),
  • Extreme climates (Coradia Nordic),

The key words, common to all the trains of this range: local mobility, economy, reliability, availability and ecology.

Coradia, an ecological and economical train 

Ecological in every respect and highly recyclable, the Coradia are equipped with an electronic control system which makes it possible to use no more energy than is strictly needed at all times, auto-ventilating engines to reduce noise in stations, and electric or diesel engines with soot particle filters,

Designed to facilitate maintenance operations (by placing traction equipment on the roof for single-decker models for instance), the Coradia have lower operating costs

This optimised maintenance is also a guarantee of maximum fleet availability.

Coradia, an accessible and flexible train, to suit all customer and user needs

The Coradia concept is very flexible: the number of cars, the configuration of seats, the number of doors and interior layouts are all variable to provide the best response to different needs,

On single-decker models, the low floor option guarantees improved access as well as greater safety and visibility on-board.  

Video - Coradia trains presentation