Suburban train X'Trapolis

Fluid commuter services

Today’s suburban trains must be able to combine the comforts of regional transport with the specific capacity requirements of urban rolling stock.

Alstom Transport’s X'Trapolis high-capacity trains are designed to transport users to and from suburban centres, guaranteeing reliable services and comfortable journeys. Modular, the capacity of X’Trapolis can be adapted to expected passenger flows.

Using technological expertise acquired through over 30 years of experience in suburban and regional transport, Alstom has expanded its range with X’Trapolis Mega, the optimal train for the metric gauge market.

This latest addition to the range reaches an unrivalled 31% in energy consumption savings compared to existing fleets due to its lighter stainless steel bodyshell and IBGT regenerative braking system, associated with a 66% motorisation ratio.

Range characteristics : comfort, capacity and reliability 

  • X’Trapolis combines comfort and accessibility. Generous interior circulation makes it easier to move about inside the train. Large windows enhance visibility within, providing passengers with a greater sense of security. The train is also equipped with modern passenger interfaces and communication systems, ergonomic seats and areas designed for people with reduced mobility.
  • In terms of capacity, X’trapolis has demonstrated its ability to handle large numbers of passengers (up to 30 000 per hour and per direction), while the extra doors (three per car in all) ensure optimal passenger flow during rush hour. X’Trapolis navigates high density networks with ease thanks to its ATO (Automatic Train Operation) signalling system which optimises flows over the entire line.
  • As for reliability, X’trapolis fleets continuously reach 97% availability.

A modular train that enables extremely flexible solutions

  • The X’Trapolis offers a wide choice of modular options for different levels of network traffic and to assure optimum passenger flow in stations: different train lengths, single-decker or double-decker trains, variable width and number of doors, etc.
  • The X’Trapolis adapts to the characteristics of each network, whatever the track gauge or electric tension is.