Tram-trains Citadis Dualis and Regio Citadis

Combining the best of trains and tramways

The challenge

The urban fabric now extends well beyond the city centre, with regional and urban networks tending to merge. Users' needs are changing. They want to be able to move with ease from the city centre to neighbouring towns without having to change their transportation mode.

The Alstom solution

Introduced in Germany with the Regio Citadis, the concept of the tram-train has since been enriched by the Citadis Dualis model. This mode of transportation permits seamless daily journeys between city-centres and suburban centres.

Tram-trains benefit from the latest Alstom innovations ensure seamless travel without load changes between city centres and suburbs

  • Tram-trains run equally well on tramway networks and on regional rail networks (compatible power tension on wires, signalling and wheels),
  • Alstom tram-trains have a reinforced structure in the event of a crash that conforms to the latest safety standards,
  • Its collapsible coupling enables better shock absorption in stations.

Citadis Dualis and Regio Citadis adapt to the specific needs of each region

  • The structure of the Citadis Dualis offers numerous advantages: generous interior circulation, low floors throughout, flexible architecture, modular interior layout and decoration, and exterior design,
  • The Regio Citadis’ design proven in Germany and the Netherlands is totally adapted to BOStrab* tramway standards as well as to the operating regulations for rail lines enforced in Northern European countries. What’s more, the hybrid version of the Regio Citadis engine permits operation on non electrified lines.

* Verordnung über den Bau und Betrieb der Straßenbahnen: German regulations for tramway and metro operations.

Video - Citadis Dualis presentation