Tramway Citadis

Designing the city

The challenge

The tramway has become far more than a simple means of transport. It is also a means to develop sustainable urban mobility, rethink cities, revitalise districts and enhance architectural heritage.

The Alstom solution

Alstom proposes Citadis, a range of solutions for cities building new tramway networks as well as for those wishing to modernise existing networks.

The Citadis is an expressive object, reflecting the identity of the cities in which it circulates through its customisable design.

Citadis, both a standardised and a customisable solution

  • The Citadis is built on a platform of thoroughly proven standardised components,
  • It offers maximum comfort to passengers (ergonomic seats, warm materials, sensory design for fabrics and lighting, on-board passenger surveillance and information system),
  • The livery, the train’s nose and its interior can be customised; the length of the train set can be changed at any point in its lifecycle,
  • The Citadis can be equipped with several electric power systems (with or without overhead lines by using APS* or batteries).

 * APS - Ground power supply, by the addition of a third rail, makes it possible to do away with overhead lines thereby preserving the city’s architectural heritage 

Citadis, a tramway technology platform built around environmental and social concerns

  • Visual pollution is reduced thanks to a design reflecting the city’s image, and through APS* technology,
  • Noise and energy consumption levels have been reduced to a minimum,
  • Generous interior circulation and low floors throughout make the Citadis more accessible to all.  
ASP ground power supply

Clip APS

APS: the Alstom ground power supply system for tramways

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Animation 3D HESOP

Discover HESOP, the braking energy recovery solution developed by Alstom

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