Alstom in Italy

About us

Alstom has solid roots in Italian industrial history: the group initially brought together many of the country’s best engineering and electrical engineering companies and, after about 16 years of continuous development and modernisation, it now has 12 production sites throughout Italy, seven of which are worldwide centres of excellence.

It is this heritage that has allowed Alstom Italia to make a significant contribution to Italy’s rail transportation services, and power generation and transmission systems.

Innovation lies at the heart of Alstom not only because it operates in sectors that are intrinsically highly technological, but also because all of its processes, products and services are imbued with the group’s innovation-based culture.

With its 3,950 employees and an annual turnover of one billion euros, the number, importance and advanced technology of the projects it undertakes make Alstom Italia one of the leading players in the Italian industrial scenario.

President's message

Our mission is to meet the growing global demand for energy and sustainable mobility. Day after day Alstom commits to providing innovative solutions with avant-garde technology that are competitive and compatible with the preservation of the environment on a global scale.

We have been present in Italy with the Alstom trademark for more than 15 years, but the companies acquired by the Group have a history of excellence that spans decades. With over 4,000 employees in 12 sites in the country, we are now an important industry in the domestic panorama, proud of contributing as far as possible to the development of the country’s infrastructure, economy, territory and exports.

In the Transport sector, thanks to a proven level of excellence, we have been assigned responsibility at a global level for certain technologies: tilting systems at Savigliano (at the bases of the global success of Pendolino train), the signalling technology from Bologna, as well as the Sesto San Giovanni traction systems. Rolling stock manufactured and developed by the Italian sites and exported to many markets: in the United Kingdom, Polland, China, Finland, Russia, Spain.

In the Power sector we are able to satisfy any domestic and International needs with our technical and commercial capabilities. Moreover, we can offer advanced technologies for air quality control thanks to our Centre of Excellence based in Sesto S. Giovanni.

We offer our customers global solutions and products designed in a sustainable way and fully respecting the environment. The energy our plants produce is “clean”, thanks to reduced emissions and the use of renewable sources. Our trains and trams can be 98% recycled and permit the reduction of energy consumption.

As a Group we can boast of offering an excellent work environment: a truly multicultural environment which ensures that each individual, without any kind of discrimination, has the best opportunity for personal and professional development.

We believe that economic and financial progress not only must but can always be compatible with social development and the protection of the planet, in Italy as well.

Antonino Turicchi

Country President

Key people

Antonino Turicchi – Country President

Antonino Turicchi was born in Viterbo, and has been President of Alstom S.p.A., the Italian holding company of the multinational Alstom group, since 2011. 

He joined Alstom after having been the Executive Director of the Comune of Rome from 2009 to 2011. Over a period of almost ten years, he held various positions at the Ministry of Economics and Finance, where he was responsible for a number of important extraordinary financial operations such as the securitisation of credits and the sale of property belonging to national insurance bodies. 

From 2002 to 2009, he was Director General of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Pierre-Louis Bertina – CEO of Alstom Ferroviaria Spa 

Pierre-Louis Bertina, a Frenchman of Italian origin, has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. since 2010.

A graduate in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, his more than 30-year career in Alstom Transport has given him a profound knowledge of the railway transport sector. He has held various positions of international responsibility in the different product lines, actively participated in the acquisition of Fiat Ferroviaria in 2001, and was Country President and Transport Managing Director in Chile.

Fabrizio Fabbri – CEO of Alstom Power Italia Spa

Fabrizio Fabbri was born in Pistoia, and has been Chief Executive Officer of Alstom Power Italia S.p.A. since 2012.

After graduating in Philosophy, he began his career working for ENI before joining General Electric when the American multinational acquired Nuovo Pignone. He held various national and international sales positions in GE, being Sales Director for the Oil and Gas Services Division from 2000 to 2002, South Europe Region Manager for the Contractual Services Division from 2007 to 2010, and then Sales Director for the Western Europe and North-west African Energy Services Division. 

Alberto Galantini – CEO of Alstom Grid Spa 

Alberto Galantini was born in Udine, and has been the Chief Executive Officer of Alstom Grid S.p.A. since 2011.

He rejoined the Alstom group (where he worked in the Power sector from 1998 to 2002) after having acquired nine years’ national and international sales and marketing experience as Regional Sales Manager Asia Pacific, and subsequently Sales & Marketing Director of SIPA S.p.A. (Zoppas Industries).

Raffaella Alberi – Country & Transport HR Director

Raffaella Alberi has been Alstom Italia Transport & Country Human Resources Director since 2011.
After graduating in International Political Sciences and being awarded an MBA by ISTUD in Stresa, she worked for 11 years in various positions in the Human Resources Department of the German multinational company SGL Carbon in Italy and Germany before being appointed Country Human Resources Director. 

She joined Alstom Italia in 2008 as the Human Resources Manager of the site in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan. 

Manuela Bozzolan – Country Communication Director 

Manuela Bozzolan was appointed Alstom Italia Communication Director in 2011, after having been Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. Communication Director from 2004.

She acquired a solid grounding in corporate communications by working for agencies such as Burson-Marsteller and AIGO, and leading international groups. Between 1992 and 1998, she was PR Manager Italia for Walt Disney Attractions, and then joined Sun Microsystems Italia as Marketing Communications Manager.  

Giovanni Monteverde – VP Legal & Contract Management of Alstom Italia and the Middle East-Africa area of Alstom Transport.

Giovanni Monteverde is Vice-President Legal & Contract Management of Alstom Italia and the Middle East-Africa area of Alstom Transport.

A lawyer with a Master’s degree awarded by the University of London, he worked in the legal office of Fiat Ferroviaria from 1994 to 1998 before moving to London to join the legal firm of Holman Fenwick & Willan.

After joining Alstom Italia in 2001, he worked as head of the legal office of Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. until 2005, and was then appointed the Legal Director of Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. and Alstom Italia. 

Iris Forniz – Country Financial Director (acting)

Born in Treviso, Iris Forniz has been the Financial Director of Alstom Italia since 2011.

After being awarded an MBA by CUOA in Vicenza, she worked as Director of Administration and Human Resources of Alstom site in Noventa di Piave until 2003.

She worked in the following decade in the Administration and Control Department of Areva in Italy, participating in M&A operations. She rejoined Alstom in 2010.


High-speed and very high speed trains

  • Design and production of 25 AGV (automatrice à grande vitesse) trains for NTV, the first private high-speed train operator in Italy. 
  • Design and production of high-speed New Pendolino trains: 19 for Trenitalia, 20 for the Polish operator PKP, and eight for the Swiss Federal Railways. 

Coradia Meridian regional trains

Design and production of new Coradia Meridian regional trains: 70 for Trenitalia, 26 for FNM, and three for Gruppo Torinese Trasporti.

Signalling systems in Italy and abroad

  • Production of the signalling system for the high-speed urban railway of Bologna.
  • Renovation of the signalling system of Milan’s M1 underground railway line without interrupting the service.
  • Replacement of the signalling system in Western Denmark and modernisation of the Arad-Curtici line in Romania.


Fleet maintenance: Minuetto (Trenitalia); Coradia Meridian (Trenord); Italo (NTV).

Tram and underground railway traction systems

Traction systems for the trams of Rio de Janeiro, Ottawa, Cuenca, Dubai and Quatar, and for the underground railways of Chennai, Nanjing, Singapore, Paris and Los Teques.


Infrastructures for Line 12 of the underground railway of Mexico City and Caracas-Los Teques, and for Milan’s M5 underground railway line.


Installation of 800 MW combined cycle power stations

Installation of 800 MW combined cycle power stations equipped with GT26 gas turbines in Gissi (Chieti), Scandale (Crotone) and Modugno (Bari).

Stators and generators

Production of stators for the 639 MVA thermoelectric power station in Aboňo (Spain) and exchange generators for the 110 MW power station in Hassi Berkine (Algeria).

Environmental systems 

Turnkey supply of desulfurisation plants for power stations in Rovinari (Romania),  Kusile (South Africa) and Craiova (Romania).

Thermal plant maintenance and services

Running and maintenance of the combined cycle power plant and refinery utilities in Falconara; plant conversion from syngas to natural gas.

Supply of ECO80 wind turbines for wind farms

Supply of ECO80 wind turbines and related O&M contracts for the wind farms in Sella di Conza (Salerno), Minervino Murge (Barletta-Andria-Trani), Ennese (Catania), Santomenna (Salerno), Lucito (Campobasso) and Melissa (Crotone).

Hydroelectric plant maintenance and services

Extraordinary refurbishing of the Gr.1 (80 MVA) vertical alternator of the power station in Orichella (Crotone): disassembly, tempering and re-insulation of the rotor shafts, stator restoration, electrical testing, reassembly and implementation.



Knife switches

Knife switches produced for the most important HVDC projects in the world, including Xiangjiaba-Shanghai (China) 800 kV DC, Rio Madeira (Brazil) 600 kV DC, Champa (India) 800 kV DC, and  Western Link (UK) 617kV DC.

Bushing insulators

The supply of HV and UHV bushing insulators made using various technologies: oil-impregnated paper for the 1100 kV transformer of the first and second 1100 kV transmission line in China; OIP SF6 hybrid technology for 820 kV 4500A HVDC transformers in China;  gas for the production of wall bushings of 600 KVDC (Rio Madeira project, Brazil), 820 kV 4500 A HVDC (Xilodou-Zhexi project, China), 315 kV (projects in Sweden and Germany), 320 kV (Lower Churchill project, Canada), 800 kV (Champa project, India), 500 kV (KEPCO project, Korea).

Protection and control systems

Protection and control systems: GIS 400 kV power station in Tzafit (Israel), 690 MW heating plant in Hassi Messaud (Algeria).


Alstom Italia respects the cultures of local communities with which it interacts and takes into account the interests of its different stakeholders.

Alstom Italia has given itself the ambition and the means to make a significant contribution to environmental protection through the systems, equipment and services it sells. Its core activities are focused on providing advanced technology and services to improve the management of natural resources, significantly reduce emissions and greenhouse gas effects and enhance the quality of life, while contributing to economic and social progress.

Alstom Italia also communicates to its customers information on the environmental impact of its products. Furthermore, Alstom Italia designs its equipment and manufacturing processes for minimum consumption of energy, eliminates hazardous products and favours materials that can be recycled. 

Alstom Italia includes the environmental impact in the criteria for major decisions. At all manufacturing sites and offices, this impact is managed in line with the rules set out in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and covered by quarterly reports. 

Health & Safety

Alstom Italia is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment at all its sites, offering the same high standards wherever it has operations. These standards are set out in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and apply to employees and sub-contractors working at Alstom Italia’s sites or under Alstom Italia’s supervision at customer sites.

Measures to offset any risk related to health and safety issues are applied at all sites and throughout projects. These measures are implemented in partnership with the relevant bodies and committees.

Local policies

Alstom Italia adheres to “M’illumino di meno”, the yearly energy saving day promoted by a famous radio broadcast of RAI, Radio 2. The aim of the initiative is to sensitize for one day citizens, institutions and public and private companies about energy saving with simple actions. 

Alstom Italia also adheres to “Kids at office”, the yearly initiative organized by “Il Corriere della Sera” daily newspaper, involving almost all sites in the Country and sensitizing employees’ children regarding responsible behaviours through animation activities, in cooperation with local no-profit organizations.

Alstom Italia, in cooperation with Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (Food Bank), has organized an internal fundraising initiative inside its sites and has promoted the initiative “Lunch is served!” in its Bologna site, with the aim of buying a special equipment to be installed in the canteen able to allow food preservation. In this way, the uneaten food has been donated to the soup kitchen Mensa della Fraternità (30 meals donated daily). 

Key dates:

1998: Alstom Italia is born, through Alstom’s acquisition of SASIB Railway of Bologna (founded in 1933), its units in Verona, Bari and Guidonia (Rome), and its subsidiaries in Europe and the United States..

1999: After the merger of ABB power generation activities (in Italy dating back to 1863) with Alstom Power, ABB Alstom Power is born. The following year Alstom acquires ABB’s shares, gaining total control of the company.

2000: Alstom acquires Fiat Ferroviaria (existing since 1880, a part of Fiat since 1970) and its subsidiaries Elettromeccanica Parizzi (founded in 1955) and Fiat-Sig (Switzerland), merging them all into Alstom Ferroviaria.

2004: Alstom wins an historical contract for China. The Chinese transport minister orders 60 EMU trains based on Pendolino (but without “tilting” technology). The project is managed out of the Transport sites of Savigliano (Cuneo) and Sesto S.G. (Milan). 

2005: On the 19th of December the first section of the Rome-Naples high speed line is officially opened. It is the first line in Europe equipped with the new ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) Level 2 signalling system, developed in Italy by Alstom. 

2006: Alstom wins a contract for the construction of three 800 MW combined cycle power plants in Modugno (Bari), Gissi (Chieti) and Scandale (Crotone). The plants will be equipped with Alstom GT26 turbines.

2007: Alstom acquires the Spanish company Ecotècnia, specialised in wind energy and present in Italy with several wind farms.

2008: Alstom wins a contract for the supply of 25 AGV trains to NTV, the first private operator in Italy on high speed lines. 

2009:  The Alstom Power Italia plant in Sesto San Giovanni completes the stator for Leidbstat nuclear power plant. With its 14 meters, 450 tons and more than 1,200 MW, it is the biggest ever made in Italy. 

2010: With the global acquisition of the Transmission activities of Areva T&D and the birth of Alstom Grid, Alstom Italia grows further, adding three other sites and another historical brand of the Italian electro-mechanical industry: the former Passoni & Villa of Milan.

2011: Alstom completes the acquisition, started in 2008, of Osvaldo Cariboni Lecco SpA (founded in 1908), specialised in components for catenary.

2013: Alstom has been awarded by Trenitalia a public tender for 70 Coradia Meridian regional trains, to boost and renew the regional service troughout Italy.