Alstom in USA

100 Years of Innovation

Since the founding of its U.S. presence as Combustion Engineering in 1912, Alstom has evolved into a leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies for power generation, transmission and rail transportation.

Whether it’s helping move 10 million daily commuters in New York City or installing one of the nation’s first offshores wind farms, Alstom is committed to taking on the challenges of today while developing the technologies that will benefit us in years to come.  

Key data

  • Over 100 years of presence in the U.S.
  • About 6,500 permanent employees
  • Alstom equipment can be found in 1 of every 2 U.S. power plants
  • 7,000 of the country’s subway and rail transit vehicles rolled off an Alstom production line
  • Alstom technology and equipment manages 40% of all power flowing across the country’s electrical Grids

President's message

Amy Ericson, President, Alstom Inc.Alstom has a long and rich history in the U.S., with more than 100 years of providing vital equipment and services for power generation and rail transportation markets. In fact, we’ve been involved in some of the country’s most significant clean energy and infrastructure projects. Alstom equipment can be found in one of every two U.S. power plants, 40 percent of all power grids and the nation’s busiest rail transportation systems.

Revamping America’s aging infrastructure is a significant challenge. Budget restraints and economic uncertainty are forcing transit agencies, utilities and power plant operators to call on existing equipment to work harder for longer.  Alstom has partnered with customers coast-to-coast to provide economical modernization and maintenance services to improve the operation and extend the life of existing assets through rail car overhauls, power plant retrofit projects and grid system upgrades to enhance resiliency. 

We are also developing new technologies. Our smart grid solutions are helping utility operators incorporate new energy sources and meet increasing demands for affordable electricity. Alstom’s Demand Response Management System (DRMS) smart grid software is being implemented for Con Edison to help efficiently manage energy supply and demand for 9 million New Yorkers. Alstom is at the forefront of renewable energy production. Five of Alstom’s Haliade™ 150-6MW offshore wind turbines will equip one of the nation’s first offshore wind farms, Deepwater Wind’s 30MW Block Island Wind Farm located off the coast of Rhode Island. We are leaders in the research and development of advanced clean coal power generation. Alstom is partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) to advance our chemical looping demonstration, a technology with the potential of reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

As America’s cities continue to grow, so too does the strain on transportation systems. That’s why Alstom is working closely with transit customers to develop and implement modern transportation options, such as our innovative Citadis Spirit Light-Rail vehicle, which we are providing for the city of Ottawa. The Spirit is made in America and can be customized to embody each city’s unique character.

With 93,000 Alstom employees across 100 countries, the spirit of global collaboration underlies all of the projects that we engage in. In the U.S., we are 7,000 strong and the knowledge and expertise of our employees is our most important resource.  Through our combined passion, our relationships with colleges and universities and our partnerships with government and industry organizations, we are contributing to a more sustainable future.

Alstom is committed to the U.S. market, and we will continue partnering with customers, policymakers and our world-class employees to develop the technology, tools, and knowhow that will move America forward.

Amy Ericson,
Alstom US Country President - July 2014

Our References

Energy management for Con Edison of New York

As part of a Department of Energy Smart Grid Demonstration Project, Alstom has been awarded a contract to deliver Demand Response Management System (DRMS) to Con Edison.

The Citadis Spirit: North America’s smart transportation solution

In 2013, Alstom unveiled its new Citadis Spirit light-rail vehicle that has unique features including a 100% low floor design and the ability to operate at speeds of up to 65 mph (100kph) to satisfy the transit needs and support the economic development goals of North American cities. The vehicle was selected for the city of Ottawa’s new light rail system.

Pioneers in offshore wind

Alstom’s Haliade™ 150-6MegaWatt (MW) offshore wind turbines will equip Deepwater Wind’s 30MW Block Island Wind Farm located off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island.  It will be among the nation’s first offshore wind farms.

Leading the development of clean coal technology

Alstom is partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) to advance our chemical looping demonstration, a technology with the potential of reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

Serving America’s only high-speed rail line, Amtrak’s ACELA

Alstom provides signaling equipment and 24/7 parts, maintenance and engineering support for Amtrak’s entire ACELA fleet, traveling from Washington, DC to Boston.

Service Solutions for emissions regulations in the US

In the US, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) and other regulations are putting strict emission limits on fossil-fired plants, making it increasingly difficult for existing power stations to stay competitive. Alstom supports plant operators in making the right decisions about the future of their coal-fired plants. Find out how.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the U.S.

A Commitment to our Communities 

Alstom is committed to positively impacting the communities where we operate and encourages our U.S. employees to volunteer within the community and suggest opportunities for the company to extend support. Our charitable and community outreach activities have benefited a number of organizations including but not limited to:

  • The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington
  • HopeLink (Washington State)
  • Special Olympics of Connecticut
  • United Way 'Day of Caring
  • 'Everybody Wins! USA

With support from the Alstom Foundation, Power Systems Manufacturing (PSM), an Alstom company, located in Jupiter, FL has been helping kids with autism spectrum disorders. PSM volunteers in collaboration with the ‘Autism Project of Palm Beach County ‘ and the Renaissance Learning Academy (RLA) have developed and implement a program to provide hands on training for students. PSM volunteers have helped students gain hands on coaching to help prepare them for the workforce.

Alstom is also committed to reducing the environmental impact of our U.S. operations and has pledged to reduce SF6 emissions 3% per year, lower energy and water consumption 20%, and increase waste recycling by 80% - all by 2015. Some of the local sustainable activities include energy savings and electric vehicle programs, 'Bike to Work' initiatives, community gardens and installation of alternative energy resources such as solar panels.  

Health & Safety

At Alstom U.S., we consider the safety, health and well-being of our employees and all the people who work for us, to be of the utmost importance. We also strive to take care of the environment in which we operate and are committed to continually reducing the environmental impact of Alstom’s operations throughout the U.S.

We have established and implemented policies, procedures and plans aimed at achieving these goals and ensuring the safest working environment for our employees. Within the U.S. there is an extensive team of EHS professionals tasked with driving these tools to achieve our EHS goals with zero accidents.

U.S Milestones

Over 100 Years of Innovation 

For over a century Alstom’s U.S. operations have been helping to build America’s energy and rail transportation infrastructures. The company has delivered equipment to 1 of every 2 U.S. power plants, installed technology that manages 40% of all electrical grids and manufactured over 8,000 rail vehicles.

Major milestones for Alstom in the U.S. include:

  • 1912: Alstom’s U.S. Boiler manufacturing company (formerly Combustion Engineering) is formed
  • 1960: The highest temperature and pressure supercritical boiler ever designed is supplied by Alstom at Philadelphia Electric’s Eddystone Station
  • 1972: The world’s largest steam turbine generating set is delivered by Alstom to a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plant in Cumberland, Tennessee
  • 1990: Alstom, then known as GEC Alsthom, establishes an official presence in the U.S., and founds its Network Management Solutions worldwide center of excellence in Washington state
  • 1997: U.S. Transport business formed through acquisition of the American Passenger Rail Car Company in Hornell, NY
  • 2010: Alstom inaugurates a new manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN, that will produce the company’s Arabelle nuclear steam turbines, the largest of their kind in the world
  • 2010: Alstom acquires Areva’s Transmission activities to form third sector, Alstom Grid, and inaugurates a new disconnect switch factory in Charleroi, PA
  • 2010: Alstom completes delivery of over 1,000 R160 metro cars for New York City Transit (NYCT)
  • 2014: Alstom was awarded a contract to supply five 150-6MW Haliade offshore wind turbines for Deepwater Wind’s 30MW Block Island Wind Farm. The project will be one of the first offshore wind farms installed in the U.S.