What is ocean energy and how to generate energy from the sea

Tapping into the huge potential of tidal and wind energy

Ocean energy is a major growth area in renewable power, and we’re committed to developing it to the fullest. Alstom is the only company that offers proven products for both the tidal and offshore wind markets.

We have made a big investment in ocean power, with dedicated ocean energy bases in Nantes (France) and Bristol (UK), conducting research and development to produce the first commercial tidal products. 

At Alstom we are at the forefront of developing tidal stream turbine technology in order to take advantage of the significant energy potential in our tides, and in 2013 we acquired the significant technology and expertise of Tidal Generation Ltd (TGL).

We also have significant experience

  • Tidal power. Find out how we’re harnessing the potential of tidal power, through the development of cutting edge turbine technologies.
  • Offshore wind power. Find out about our Haliade 6MW direct drive wind turbine.