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Appitrack, the automated tracklaying solution

Infrastructure construction is often the most costly aspect of a project, and the one that creates the most hazards for workers and disturbances to local residents, especially in dense urban areas.

Appitrack, an innovative, automated tracklaying system for metros and tramways, has been developed by Alstom to tackle these challenges.


Faster, safer and more accurate 

Through task automation, Appitrack makes tracklaying safer, more accurate and four times faster than conventional procedures.

Limiting disturbances and costs

Specially designed to reduce disturbances linked to infrastructure works, Appitrack technology limits excavation depth, generating less perturbations than with usual methods. As it requires less civil works and limits the duration of the construction work, Appitrack also reduces the overall cost of the works linked to tracklaying.

A service-proven system

9 cities including Reims, Orléans, Nottingham and Algiers have already chosen or benefited from this innovative solution. A world tracklaying record was set when 403 metres of single track were laid in a single day.

The benefits of Appitrack

  • Appitrack for tramway can lay 80 metres of track per day on average (up to 400 metres in favourable conditions)
  • Appitrack for metro can lay up to 300 metres of track per day in tunnels, on viaduct or at ground level
  • Reduced footprint guaranteed, as well as a high degree of operational reliability
  • Simplifying and automating tasks keeps the construction site clean and improves health and safety conditions
  • The low noise level, high productivity rate and reduction of dust reduces disturbances in neighbourhoods

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Appitrack - Automated track laying