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Hesop, reversible power-supply substation

Hesop is a reversible power-supply substation with a single converter with dynamic regulation.

Designed to deliver better energy efficiency for urban and suburban public rail transport networks (600V/750VDC), Hesop optimises the power required for traction and captures more than 99% of recoverable energy during braking mode which can be re-injected into the electricity network.

An eco-friendly solution

The energy recovered can be re-used through the station equipment (auxiliaries, escalators, lighting, ventilation…) or resold to electricity providers.

Thanks to the reduction in energy consumed and in the amount of train heat dissipated into the atmosphere, Hesop contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

A competitive and proven solution

Due to its recovery of braking energy, Hesop enables the deletion of braking rheostats and limits train heat dissipation.  This leads to less tunnel and in-station ventilation or air-conditioning.

Furthermore, the optimisation of energy usage in traction mode means that the distance between each sub-station can be increased and their number decreased by 20%, so limiting infrastructure costs (equipment, civil engineering and urban real estate).

All these factors result in a reduced energy bill and optimised infrastructure investments.

Hesop is the only solution which offers both traction and recovery functions in the same equipment.

Easier maintenance

Hesop is equipped with a de-icing function for catenary and remote monitoring functions facilitating preventive & corrective maintenance activities.

Hesop 1500 V

Jointly with ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), the operator of the Milan metro, Alstom has initiated the development of a new 1,500 V version for metro lines and suburban trains that are high energy consumers. This project has been selected by the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme  whose objective is to promote environmentally-friendly actions. 

After a period of test, Alstom put into service in 2017 the first 1,500V Hesop advanced reversible substation for the Yellow Line (Line 3) of Milan Underground.This will help make ATM more energy efficient and will also help control tunnel temperatures. About 15% of the traction energy generated when trains brake on the Yellow Line is recoverd and re-injected into the public power grid.

Key Hesop milestones:

  • Paris T1 tramway (RATP): in service since July 2011 ;
  • London Underground: entry into service on the Victoria Line in 2014 ;
  • Milan Metro (ATM): first Hesop1500 V 4MW unit entered commercial operation in 2017 ;
  • Hesop substations ordered for more major urban projects to be launched by 2020: Riyadh metro, Sydney tramway, Panama and Dubai metros.

Hesop - Reversible power-supply substation