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Alstom guarantees availability and technical performance of the train, signalling and/or infrastructure. From light urban systems to mainline and freight networks, Alstom has over 25 years maintaining assets built by Alstom or not - in our customers’ sites or in our own maintenance centres.  

Effective maintenance – the right response to operators’ needs

Our performance objectives are based on the operational priorities of our customers. We offer them: flexibility, availability, reliability, expertise and cost control. We currently maintain over 8,000 cars, Alstom is world's N°3 in maintenance. 

Efficient, available fleets - every day

Availability for passenger satisfaction: objective zero service-affecting-failures while keeping a high quality level operation through anticipation with predictive maintenance.

Innovative solutions

Alstom is leading the evolution in rail services with tools such as HealthHub, our predictive maintenance solution, TrainTracer, for monitoring train conditions in real time, TrainScanner, our automatic diagnostics portal, or TrackTracer, for monitoring the condition of the track and the catenaries.  

A personalised service offer

A tailor made offer adapted to client’s strategy and objectives of performance, budget and investment. Alstom delivers service when and where it is needed and all fleets are eligible.

Infrastructure: guaranteeing optimal availability levels

We offer different maintenance services dedicated to infrastructure: 

  • Depot equipment with the supply of machines and their maintenance
  • Infrastructure maintenance: track, electrical substations, catenary,  ground-level power supply (APS)
  • Signalling, telecommunications systems (passenger information systems, CCTV) and ticketing systems

Flexible service solutions

3 adaptable main types of contract to provide the best response to the needs of every customer:

  • TSSSA (Technical Support and Spare Supply Agreement): for operators wanting to secure asset availability but keeping certain tasks in-house
  • Core maintenance: to help operators meet their availability targets, through long-term partnerships based on efficient and flexible maintenance solution. Alstom teams provide a fully outsourced maintenance operation including preventive, corrective and predictive.
  • Full maintenance: offering dedicated to operators who want to fully concentrate on their core business. The customer fully transfers the technical risk to the maintainer. The task of making trains available & fully ready for service every morning is entrusted to Alstom. It includes cleaning, energy consumption management, predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance.

Services customer portal

The services customer portal strengthens the proximity Alstom develops with its customers by making their daily exchanges with Alstom as smooth as possible. Ordering spare parts, training offers and Alstom’s technical expertise are directly available to them through this portal.

Services to operators