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Smartlock Interlocking

Interfacing with the ATC (automated train control) system and conventional track equipment (Smartway), Smartlock interlocking guarantees safety for traffic on all types of network.

Maximum availability and safety

The basic role of interlocking is to authorise trains to continue to cross points or not depending on the global condition of traffic on the network. It therefore ensures a safe journey and avoids all risk of conflict between train paths. System reaction times are reduced to a minimum (less than one second) to ensure maximum network availability and safety.

Innovative technology

Smartlock 400, the latest version of the Smartlock family, interfaces directly with trackside equipment, with no need for intermediate relays.  This means that reaction time can be further reduced as well minimising trackside footprint and maintenance costs.

Smartlock 400 integrates functions linked to the ERTMS system in order to facilitate network supervision by combining information on the status of objects on the track (point machine, signals, ….) but also on the speed of trains, their location and other information – all of it available via a single interface.

Optimised maintenance

Smartlock integrates a remote maintenance system which reduces the number and duration of maintenance operations. With Smartlock 400, the maintainer receives directly the necessary information for maintenance actions:  where the object is precisely located, the part or board which needs replacing ….and all via a user-friendly interface to allow high system availability.

Service-proven interlocking technology

Installed in more than 25 countries with different signalling principles each time, the components of Smartlock electronic interlocking products have more than proven themselves and are able to  manage up to 1,400 routes.

Smartlock 400 is being installed in Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Romania.

Modular architecture compliant with industry standards

The modular architecture (centralised or decentralised) of the Smartlock interlocking system adapts to all types of networks, whatever their size, and can be applied to new installations or to renovate existing installations.

Smartlock is compliant with CENELEC (European Committee for Electro-technical Standardization), Euro-Interlocking and compatible with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) standards.

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Smartlock 400 - Electronic interlocking