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Avelia Liberty high-speed train

Avelia Liberty, the latest development of Alstom’s high-speed train range Avelia, is based on proven technology with more than 1,000 high-speed trains in service worldwide. Avelia Liberty provides more space and improved comfort for passengers, with enhanced safety and reduced energy consumption.

A new experience of high speed

Avelia Liberty is an innovative train gathering state-of-the-art technologies. Its design is the result of Alstom’s experience in helping operators maximise their profitability.

Enhanced comfort

The passenger cars offer the highest level of comfort and personal space. Interiors and services have been redesigned to provide enhanced passenger experience adaptable to each operator. The articulated architecture with bogies placed between cars and the traction located at each end of the train keep noise and vibration to a minimum for passengers.

High capacity and accessibility

The new compact power cars and the optimised interiors enable efficient use of the passenger area to increase seating capacity (around 30% in the case of Amtrak’s Acela Express). On-board, mobility within and between cars is enabled by a wide quasi-static gangway and flat floors. The design of the train improves the boarding experience, including for people with reduced mobility.

The lowest whole life cycle cost

Avelia Liberty is designed to minimise the weight to reduce the impact on infrastructure. Energy consumption is reduced by more than 15% thanks to a number of solutions such as articulated architecture, brake-energy regeneration, smart eco-driving, etc. Maintenance was studied from the very beginning of the design of the train to ensure its reliability and ease its maintenance throughout its service life.

High level of versatility

Avelia Liberty offers a high level of versatility thanks to a wide range of options: speed from 300 to 350 km/h, with or without the Tiltronix tilting system, various lengths and widths, etc. The configuration of Avelia Liberty can be upgraded during the operation. Its speed can be increased and passenger capacity can be easily upgraded. Traction voltage and signalling can simply be modified. As the interior is designed as an empty tube, it can evolve during its lifetime.

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Avelia Liberty

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