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Citadis Spirit light rail vehicle

Rapidly expanding cities across North America are searching for flexible solutions to meet their evolving mobility needs.

In response, Alstom has designed Citadis Spirit, a light rail vehicle for the North American market.

A flexible solution

Citadis Spirit is the only light rail vehicle with a fully low floor, suitable for use in city centres as well as on peripheral rail networks at speeds of over 100 km/h, without the need to change trains.

With modular car body lengths (27, 30 or 48m) Citadis Spirit can take 200-300 passengers. The addition of extra cars enables the train to meet greater capacity requirements, similar to those of a metro.

A unique design

Thanks to its highly customizable exterior and interior design, Citadis Spirit reflect the identity of each city.

A comfortable journey

Interior designs that can be personalized according to requirements, noise reduction, and a smoother suspension system contribute to increased passenger comfort.

Preserving the environment

Thanks to the tried and tested ground-level power supply system APS, Citadis Spirit preserves historic urban zones, minimizing its impact on the environment.

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Citadis Spirit