Very High-Speed train Duplex

A high-capacity, very high-speed transport solution

Alstom designed the world’s first double-deck high-speed train in the early 1990s to transport an ever-growing number of passengers at very high speeds.

As part of its ongoing strategy to provide passengers and rail operators with optimal solutions for their transport needs, Alstom has launched the Euroduplex: a new generation of very-high-speed double-deck trains.

High-capacity, comfortable and interoperable

Euroduplex draws on a unique body of experience acquired in supplying more than 160 trainsets worldwide over the last 15 years.

Transporting up to 1,020 passengers at 320 km per hour, the Euroduplex is the world’s only double-deck very-high-speed train that is totally interoperable – in other words, capable of operating across several European rail networks.

Its design is based on the articulated trainset model and concentrated power systems inherited from previous generations of trains.

This design makes Euroduplex cheaper to buy and operate, and offers numerous other advantages:

  • Reduced noise and vibration, for an optimal acoustic comfort 
  • Fewer bogies which reduce maintenance costs 
  • Greater strength, enhancing safety in the event of derailment
  • Lower weight and aerodynamic drag which limit energy consumption 

Enhanced passenger information systems make travel easier and less stressful:

  • External display panels show the car and train number and the train’s destination
  • Onboard screens display the destination, stations served and information about the journey (passenger announcements, time, global positioning system and train speed)
  • Reservation display panels provide seat-occupation information for each leg of the journey
  • Control panels manage passenger announcements 

Ground-to-train data-link systems open up new communication possibilities:

  • Destination connection-information displays
  • Updated train occupation plan following departure
  • Ground team alerts for early malfunction management