Alstom in USA and North America

Alstom in North America -- 150+ Years of Innovation

Alstom’s rolling stock facility in Hornell, NY has been manufacturing and servicing trains for nearly 150 years. This historic facility and its highly-skilled workforce represent the foundation of Alstom’s extensive North American presence, which includes 1,500 employees at 13 sites in the US and Canada. 

Alstom’s Rochester, NY based Signaling business has over 110 years of local expertise and provides train control systems for 50 percent of all North American metros.  

In Canada, Alstom has a long-established industrial footprint, with major successes in signaling. Alstom recently announced a milestone light rail project for the City of Ottawa, supplying the city with 34 light rail vehicles – made in North America – and 30 years of maintenance for OC Transpo’s Confederation Line. In addition, Alstom delivered 6 new Coradia Lint DMU trains to Ottawa, the first regional trains from the Coradia range – designed to European standards – delivered to the North American market. 

Alstom has global experience and expertise few rivals can match. The company is uniquely qualified to adapt and localize proven technologies to perform reliably on existing infrastructure and under the unique operating conditions and performance requirements of the North American market. The company’s extensive US supply chain has created American jobs from coast to coast, with 350 suppliers in 30 states

The Alstom North American team designs, develops and delivers world-class signaling systems, rolling stock, information solutions and train maintenance services to the region’s premier rail and transit agencies.

Alstom in North America

  • Alstom’s 700,000 square foot Hornell facility is the largest passenger rail manufacturing facility in North America
  • The Hornell plant has delivered more than 8,000 new or refurbished rail vehicles to customers across the region, including 1,000 R160 subway cars to New York City Transit (NYCT)
  • The company’s coast-to-coast service and maintenance operations keep the nation’s busiest lines running smoothly
  • Alstom helps  10 million  commuters make their to and around New York City
  • Proven track record of up to 95 percent local U.S. content from Hornell, NY

110 Years of Signaling Innovation

  • Continuously operating from Rochester since 1904
  • Train control for 50 percent of all North American metro
  • First approved positive train control (PTC) solutions for the U.S.

Committed to growing the North American market

  • Strong growth potential with next generation of signaling
  • Overall opportunities to grow: Northeast Corridor, high-speed rail, light-rail, service, maintenance, metros, turnkey and infrastructure
  • Alstom is fully Buy American compliant
  • Global Expertise, North American Leadership

Baltimore - Light Rail Overhaul Project

In September 2013, Alstom was contracted by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to overhaul Baltimore’s entire fleet of 53 light rail vehicles (LRV). The project will add about 15 years to the lifespan of the trains.

The first Baltimore LRVs were manufactured some 25 years ago, and the fleet carries nearly 28,000 riders a day between downtown Baltimore, northern suburbs and BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Key Facts:

  • The contract is valued at $150MUSD
  • Contract will take place over approx. four years
  • Work will be completed in Hornell, NY by Alstom’s Transport Life Services (TLS) team

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) - Fleet Modernizations

In 2012, Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) awarded Alstom two rail fleet modernization contracts.

The first includes the full modernization of 86 articulated light-rail vehicles operating on MBTA’s Green Line. The second project will refit 74 bi-level MBTA commuter rail cars.

Key Facts:

  • The contracts together are valued at approx. $230MUSD
  • First set of completed cars are scheduled for delivery to MBTA in 2014
  • Work will be completed in Hornell, NY by Alstom’s Transport Life Services (TLS) team

New Jersey Transit – a Major Northeast Corridor PTC Deployment

In 2011, Alstom was selected in partnership with Parsons Transportation to supply a fully-integrated Positive Train Control (PTC) solution for New Jersey Transit (NJT).

The project, which involves a full implementation of Alstom’s Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System – or ACSES II – will support over 400 vehicles operating on more than 600 miles of track along the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

Key Facts:

  • The contract is valued at $155MUSD
  • Work is scheduled for completion in 2015
  • Alstom’s Signaling experts in Rochester, NY will execute the project 

U.S Milestones

Over 150 Years of Innovation 

For over a century Alstom’s U.S. operations have been helping to build America’s energy and rail transportation infrastructures. Alstom has manufactured over 8,000 rail vehicles in the USA.

Today, being entirely focused on Transport, it is natural for Alstom to continue its operations in North America. More than ever, Alstom wants to support USA and Canada who faces great need for infrastructure investment in terms of transport systems. 

Major milestones for Alstom in the U.S. include:

  • 1851: Hornell site begins operation, one year after the first Erie Railroad wood-burning locomotive arrives in Hornell 
  • 1972: The world’s largest steam turbine generating set is delivered by Alstom to a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plant in Cumberland, Tennessee
  • 1990: Alstom, then known as GEC Alsthom, establishes an official presence in the U.S., and founds its Network Management Solutions worldwide center of excellence in Washington state
  • 1997: U.S. Transport business formed through acquisition of the American Passenger Rail Car Company in Hornell, NY
  • 2009: Hornell site builds 40 R160 transit cars each month for NYC
  • 2010: Alstom completes delivery of over 1,000 R160 metro cars for New York City Transit (NYCT)
  • Dec. 19 2014: Alstom’s Shareholders Meeting authorises the sale of the Alstom Energy businesses to General Electric
  • 2015:  Alstom finalised the sales of its energy activities and is entirely focused on  Transport