Trains Modernisation

Multi-specialist engineering 

The challenge  

Today’s operators are confronted by new passenger expectations, stricter regulations, environmental concerns and increased operating and maintenance costs. Although a fleet’s length of life is generally more than thirty years, trains in mid life often have to be renovated to meet changes in trends as well as placed in conformity with new regulations.

The Alstom solution  

Alstom’s experience as a builder, enriched by the expertise of its modernisation centres dedicated to each sub-system, gives the company the capacity to work on any type of train anywhere in the world and deliver reliable and profitable state-of-the-art solutions.

Alstom contributes to modernising the train operator’s brand image

Alstom is able to give any existing rolling stock a new lease of life, adapted to present requirements for sustainable development and comfort (vehicles with lower energy consumption, free from all dangerous materials). 

Modernisation: An adaptable offer to meet specific operator and passenger needs 

The “Design/Prototype and layout kits” programme is intended for operators or their local partners who already have industrial capacity and dedicated in-house teams; it is composed of three phases:

  • Diagnosing the fleet: Alstom engineers devise technical solutions that conform to the customer’s industrial processes and his expectations in terms of performance,
  • Validating the solutionon a fully operational prototype: the options the customer has chosen are tested to guarantee an excellent level of performance for the fleet from day one,
  • Delivering kits with high added value and customised industrial and technical support.

The “Total modernisation offer” programme adds to the previous offer a rigorous industrial programme and delivery schedule committing Alstom Transport to the operator.