Alstom at UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023​

We were delighted to showcase our latest innovations and solutions to help deliver greener and smarter urban public transport to cities at UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023, from June 4 to 7, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain​!

Metropolis metro car for TMB Barcelona

The new Metropolis metro car for local operator Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) was showcased on our booth. Visitors were able to discover Alstom’s innovations in real conditions to improve urban mobility and the passenger experience: eco-design, high recyclability, 100% LED lighting, smart information system, improved accessibility, air treatment and more. For a complete and immersive experience, visitors were able to test a driving simulator specifically designed for training drivers on the Barcelona metro network.

Our Speakers

  • Public transport as a decarbonisation leader: The importance of renewable energy supply

    As a leader of sustainable transport, public transport must take its fair share of decarbonisation responsibility to complete its energy transition towards cleaner vehicles and shift its energy supply towards renewable energies. This session will provide examples of actions taken to procure renewable energies and integrate them in the energy transition process.


    • Moderator: Cécile Texier, Vice President Sustainability & CSR, Alstom
    • Speaker: Gerardo Lertxundi Albeniz , CEO, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, TMB
    • Speaker: Vikas Kumar, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

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  • How to build better resilience in order to protect our operational technology systems

    With a ten-fold increase in cyber security attacks in the last few years, public transport must identify and implement better ways to build better resilience to protect our operational technology. There is a range of approaches that organisations can use to mitigate the risks and increase their resilience, such as cyber security by design, zero trust, endpoint detection and response.

    This session will highlight several practical approaches that are currently being used to help organisations improve the resilience of their operational technology systems.


    • Carlo Cafasso, Operational Technology Manager, ATM
    • Corinne Lebelhomme Gutierrez, Senior Cybersecurity Adviser, RATP
    • Majdeline Elatrache, Information Security Manager, STIB-MIVB
    • Eddy Thésée, Vice President Products & Solutions Cybersecurity, Alstom

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  • This workshop will provide the different agents from the transport institutions with the required tools and knowledge to comply with the fundamental principles of Design for All included in the European Regulations, thus enabling managers, public administrators and transport manufacturers to work on a more accessible transport for all the citizens.

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    • Anne Bigand, Passenger Experience Director, Alstom

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  • Connecting cities to their hinterland: The deployment of regional and suburban railway

    From Crossrail to Grand Paris in Europe, from RTM in Montreal, to projects in Delhi…and many other major cities: regional and suburban railways are again at the centre of sustainable urban development. These mass transit services, without which there could not be sustainable cities, are rapidly evolving. From the deployment of technologies to the evolution of the financing model, the session will look at the various stakeholders, their potential and current evolution.


    • Henri Poupart-Lafarge, CEO & Chairman, Alstom
    • Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director, National Capital Region Transport Corporation Ltd.
    • David Scorey, CEO North America, Kéolis
    • Dr. Carles Casas Esplugas, Director, strategic planning & prospective, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)



    • Vanessa Pérez Miranda, Advisor at UIC (International Union of Railways)

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    • A solution for real time information, track buses and calculates service quality indicators - Aleix Anducas, Business Manager, Nexus Geographics
    • iPIS, inclusive Passenger Information System ; because the information needs to be 100% accessible - Victor Andres Martin, Data Science Project Leader, Innovation Manager, Alstom
    • Achieving a greater customer focus and travel experience with a unified passenger information - Ralf CABOS, CEO, PaxLife Innovations
    • Why e-paper is winning in the world of public transport signage - Robert Bicket, CEO & Co-Founder, Papercast Ltd

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    • Applying machine learning to mitigate radio disturbances in digital rail systems - Andrea Staino, Senior Expert Data Scientist, Alstom

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  • Putting the customer at the heart of new tenders

    Using the passenger experience to drive and promote innovation has enabled an increase in comfort, development of new solutions and new approach to design. This session will aim to address how we understand passenger experience and its impact within the tendering process, the preconditions required and some feedback from case studies.


    • Anne Bigand, Passenger Experience Director, PL RSC (Member of UITP marketing committee)
    • Annie Leung, General Manager, Marketing & Customer Experience, MTR Corporation

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  • Improving the total costs of ownership of urban rail systems 

    While urban rail systems are an essential part of clean and sustainable mobility, reducing their Total Cost of Ownership is a continuous challenge. In this session, experts will discuss how the systems and technology choices and their reflection in the procurement process (structure, definition of requirements, evaluation) can unlock TCO improvements.


    • Jack Wieland, Services Growth Management Director
    • Nuno Goncalves, Head of Telecommunication Systems, Metro do Porto
    • Moderator: Ester Litovsky, Strategic Planning Director, Emova

Helping cities answer their mobility challenges wherever they are in the world

Delivering greener and smarter urban public transport

Our passion for providing sustainable solutions is driving us to deliver innovative urban public transport solutions that address the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.

Moving more and more people in cities thanks to our smart digital solutions

Be it real-time passenger information, multi-modal integration, interior design or an ongoing dialogue to innovate with our customers, our solutions aim to provide passengers with a more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable transport experience, while also promoting accessibility and inclusivity for all.

Partner to over 300 cities worldwide

Alstom has an extensive portfolio of over 150,000 vehicles in commercial service worldwide, including high-speed trains, metros, monorails, trams, turnkey systems, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. This makes us a leading provider of urban transport solutions. Partner to over 300 cities worldwide, we offer a diverse range of products and services that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

Protecting and enhancing operators’ asset value through smarter services

We offer a full range of digital solutions to support customers in meeting their operation and maintenance objectives. Our broad spectrum of know-how, ranging from infrastructure to rolling stock maintenance, helps our customers stay ahead of the game, anticipate new requirements and keep their employees fully trained in their specialties.