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Driving local growth of rail industry in Southern Africa

Alstom has a long-term commitment towards Southern Africa, and it goes beyond the manufacturing of railway components or trains. It also includes job creation, skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development. Alstom is the majority shareholder of four major joint ventures in South Africa: Alstom Ubunye, Gibela Rail, Bombela Maintenance and Alstom BTSA.

Alstom Southern Africa’s new larger footprint positions us as a reliable growth partner for sustainable and inclusive transport solutions.

Alstom is fully committed to diversity, education and sustainable development. The company has successfully localised its supply chain – exceeding 65% local content for the Gibela/Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) contract.

  • Alstom Ubunye is an African rail company with a history going back to 1957 (Previously known as Union Carriage and Wagon (UCW). In April 2016, Alstom acquired 51% shares in South African rail company CTLE (Commuter Transport & Locomotive Engineering) and renamed the company Alstom Ubunye.
  • Gibela was established as a consortium between Alstom, Ubumbano Rail and New Africa Rail. In a contract signed in 2013, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) assigned Gibela the task to replace its ageing metro fleet with a modern service − delivering 600 modern commuter passenger trains into the South African rail network over the next 10 years. Fully black-empowered, Gibela is conscious of its role as a catalyst for economic development and skills development through its majority shareholder, Alstom. Gibela’s factory – also its corporate office – occupies a site covering more than 78 hectares at Dunnottar, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. Read more on the Gibela Website

The impact of Alstom in South Africa

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  • Through the Alstom Foundation, Alstom promotes economic development and social progress especially for communities in the vicinity of its operating locations. In August 2017 an agreement was signed between Alstom Ubunye and Esibonelwesihle Secondary School, based in Duduza, for the implementation of a project to upgrade and expand the school’s technical facilities.

    The Alstom Foundation also opened a new culture facility in the Steenberg Pavilion at Steenberg High School on the outskirts of Cape Town in partnership with Musiquelaine SA. The Pavilion, funded by the Alstom Foundation, provides facilities for disadvantaged young South Africans to develop their musical talents and to effect a positive change in their lives.

“Our customers are at the heart of our strategy and we are committed to properly executing our contracts and delivering high quality products and services.”

Bernard Peille
MD Alstom Southern Africa Cluster
  • 1900
  • 4
    joint ventures
  • 600
    X'Trapolis Mega trains 3600 coaches/cars
  • 240
    Traxx locomotives
  • Modernisation of PRASA trains

    Modernisation of PRASA trains

    Modernisation of PRASA Metrorail trains at Alstom Ubunye

  • Gibela

    Gibela’s R51-billion contract with the South African government includes the manufacturing of 600 trains for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). The scope of the contract includes train maintenance, technical support and the manufacture and supply of spare parts.

  • 600 commuter trains for South Africa

    600 commuter trains for South Africa

    One of the biggest rail projects for Alstom: contract awarded by Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) to the Alstom-led joint-venture Gibela – to supply 600 X’Trapolis Mega passenger trains (3,600 coaches) over 10 years. It also includes the construction of a local manufacturing facility, technical support and spares supply over an 18-year period.

  • Training

    Training, maintenance and welding activity for PRASA at Alstom Ubunye

  • Traxx locomotives manufacturing

    Delivering 240 Traxx locomotives for Transnet Freight Rail. Each locomotive is manufactured in South Africa, with final assembly taking place in Durban at Transnet Engineering’s facility. The factory in Nigel, Johannesburg produces leading-edge Mitrac high power propulsion equipment, the car bodies are produced by DCD in Boksburg, and the bogies are produced by Transnet Engineering in Durban.

  • Rolling stock components production

    Alstom Ubunye currently has a major project to supply electrical and mechanical components to local train manufacturer, Gibela Rail. Components include end-under-frames, bogies, and bogie frames. The electrical components include electrical boxes such as the traction converter, static converter as well as the HV box. The site also makes looming products for the trains.

Working at Alstom in South Africa

At Alstom we are committed to creating an environment in which effective talent management and a ‘care for people’ attitude is at the heart of Alstom’s identity.  We promote career development and internal mobility to provide our people with maximum opportunities for personal growth and self-fulfillment. We know that it’s essential for our Group’s long-term success. Our projects require highly skilled professionals in various areas and different functions. To contribute to the growth of our activities, Alstom is searching for motivated people. Alstom aims to reconcile preservation of the environment and support local communities, and therefore our employees are involved in the life of surrounding local communities whilst always remaining focus on the expectations of its partners and stakeholders.

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