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Alstom University is a learning powerhouse sharing knowledge and a means for its employees to continuously upgrade themselves, their skills and competencies.

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Alstom University holds under its roof a variety of job-related academies (from Finance to Digital Mobility), adopting a complete and holistic approach towards corporate education, learning & development – leveraging its digital, classroom and blended learning curricula, that cover both technical & soft skills, as well as introducing new innovative VR technologies in its learning process. 

Franck Gaillard, Alstom Global Learning Director

"At Alstom University, we all work with passion to create simple, enjoyable and valuable learning experiences for Alstom employees, partners and customers. We wish to be catalysts of innovation and to increase the competitiveness of Alstom and our customers through leading-edge learning solutions."

Franck Gaillard
Alstom University Director

Learning culture at Alstom

In an ever changing business environment, learning is the backbone to adapt and innovate at Alstom.

Alstom University is our award-winning learning and innovation catalyst, bringing employees an environment to continuously learn and share; to upgrade their profiles and extend their skills.


Employees, partners and customers can learn with Alstom University and can develop their credentials by obtaining certificates from our Academies (from technical to soft skills) and the most prestigious universities worldwide. In the FY 2022/23, the training budget was 21.9€‎ million.

PACT FOR SKILLS Leader: An initiative of the European Commission
    • A complete digital learning ecosystem
    • Hybrid learning courses including digital, instructor-led, VR and other innovative formats
    • Technical and soft skills

A learning powerhouse: Key figures

Alstom University has been recognised for its outstanding achievements as a corporate university and has won the following awards:   

  • Best use of virtual worlds at Alstom in partnership with Komodal (Brandon Hall - Gold - 2023)
  • Best use of video for learning in partnership with NIIT (Brandon Hall - Gold - 2023)
  • Best team development program in partnership with Crossknowledge (Brandon Hall - Silver - 2023)
  • Best unique or innovative learning and development program (Brandon Hall - Silver - 2022)
  • Best advance in creating an extended enterprise Learning Program (Brandon Hall - Bronze - 2022)
  • Best blended learning (Brandon Hall – Gold – 2021)
  • Best advance in competencies and skill development (Brandon Hall – Silver – 2021)
  • Best innovative learning and development program (Brandon Hall – Silver – 2021)
  • Business impact & agility in uncertainty (Global CCU – Silver – 2021)
  • Best learning program from an global organization (U-Spring – Gold – 2021)
  • Best learning program (Brandon Hall – Silver – 2020)
  • Best use of virtual technologies (Brandon Hall – Silver – 2020)
  • Best launch of a corporate university (Brandon Hall – Gold – 2019)
  • Best innovation (I Nove You – Alstom Internal Innovation Awards – Silver – 2019)
  • Editor’s choice (U-Spring – Gold – 2019)
  • Best strategic transformation (U-Spring – Silver – 2019)
  • Best hard skills training (U-Spring – Silver – 2018)
  • Academies


    All courses are structured by academies. These academies address the needs of functions such as commercial, finance and project management among others. There are also transversal academies which cover soft skills like leadership & management, as well as innovation and/or CSR. Finally, technical academies are the hard science section and include digital, engineering, industrial and many more.

  • Connect to yourself

    Connect to yourself

    The best way to develop your skills is to understand your unique starting point. Our platform offers Alstom employees a way to learn about their preferences, strengths and challenges. It also enables them to develop their skills with courses adapted for their needs, while working effectively with others.

  • VR for an immersive experience

    VR for an immersive experience

    Alstom University allows employees to learn faster and differently through virtual reality. Immerse yourself in the world of rail from anywhere around the globe.

  • Learn and share

    Learn and share

    At Alstom we all have something to share. Employees can create videos and share them with everyone on our platform. Let everyone know how good you are at what you do.

  • International certifications

    International certifications

    Get access to the most prestigious universities and education centers worldwide. Through our partnership with Coursera, employees can access certifying learning programs and share their successes on social media.

  • Learn languages

    Learn languages

    Always dreamed of speaking multiple languages? Alstom University provides language courses. Take one or take them all at your own pace. Language courses range from Polish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese and Japanese to German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, English and Russian.

Dedicated to customers and partners

Alstom University also contributes to the development of skills and learning culture of its customers and partners.

Using our state-of-the-art learning ecosystem, we provide digital learning environments for them to learn anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Check out our learning demo website

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Learning and solidarity go hand in hand at Alstom. The more you learn the more you can contribute to humanitarian initiatives in all regions of the world.

Would you like to advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives? Alstom employees can support DE&I causes by learning with Alstom University or winning an award for the Alstom team-led DE&I initiative with the highest impact on local communities.

Hear it from Team Alstom

Over the years, we've received numerous testimonials from employees about their positive experience with Alstom University. We've recorded a few of these testimonials on video to give you an idea of how our employees feel about our corporate University offerings.