Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance - Board

Alstom has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1998 and therefore applies corporate governance rules. Alstom provides transparency when conducting business and applies corporate governance guidelines carrying out the corporate governance principles published by the AFEP and the MEDEF.

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Board of Directors

Alstom’s Board of Directors is composed of thirteen members and two observers, appointed for a four-year period. 

  • 6
    directors have foreign nationalities
  • 45%
    of women members of the Board (excluding Board members representing employees)
independent members (excluding Board members representing employees)

Board Committees

The Board of Directors is assisted by four Committees: the Audit and Risks Committee, the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Ethics & Compliance Committee and the Integration Committee.

Audit and Risks Committee

Members: Sylvie Rucar (Chair), Clotilde Delbos, José Gonzalo, permanent representative of Bpifrance Investissement, Kim Thomassin, permanent representative of CDPQ.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

Members: Yann Delabrière (Chair and Lead Independent Director), José Gonzalo, permanent representative of Bpifrance Investissement, Gilles Guilbon, Sylvie Rucar, Frank Mastiaux, Baudouin Prot, Kim Thomassin, permanent representative of CDPQ.

Ethics & Compliance Committee

Members: Sylvie Kandé de Beaupuy (Chair), Bi Yong Chungunco, Baudouin Prot.

Integration Committee

Frank Mastiaux (Chair), Daniel Garcia Molina, Kim Thomassin (Permanent representative of CDPQ), Jay Walder.

Investor relations

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