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Prima T8 "AZ8A" Freight locomotive
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A reliable partner in railways industry of Azerbaijan

Alstom has been part of the industrial history of Azerbaijan since 2008. Since 2015, being entirely focused on transport, Alstom is being in strong partnership with Caucasian region in mobility. With 30 employees based in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, Alstom has already supplied 3 metro trainsets to Baku Metro and currently executes the contract for supply of 50 locomotives to Azerbaijan Railways. 

Azerbaijan plays a significant role in the region by diversification its economy with a special focus to widen transit opportunities. Thanks to its geopolitical location Azerbaijan is a key link country between the Black and Caspian Seas ensuring the transits between Europe and Asia. Also, Azerbaijan actively promotes North-South railway corridor to attract freight from Persian Gulf to Central and Northern Europe. 

  • 30
  • 3
    metro trainsets in operation
  • 40
    freight locomotives
  • 10
    passenger locomotives
  • Baku metro

    Alstom signed a contract for delivery 3 new metro trainsets to Baku Metro in 2014. All 3 metro trainsets 5 cars each were delivered on time to Baku before the First European Games in June 2015.

  • Freight and passenger locomotives

    Freight and passenger locomotives

    50 locomotives are being supplied to the Azerbaijan Railways (ADY):
    - 40 freight locomotives Prima T8 (AZ8A)
    - 10 passenger dual voltage locomotives Prima M4 (AZ4A)

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Alstom is committed to creating a diverse and international working environment that reflects the future of our industry, our clients, and end-users. As an employee, you will have a unique opportunity to continue to build your career and directly contribute to the expanding growth of the global transport industry.

The possibilities of development offered by Alstom, both in Azerbaijan and internationally, will give you the opportunity to take charge of your professional career and contribute directly to the development of sustainable mobility around the world. Our strategic plan is driven by one Alstom team sharing the same values: Agile, Inclusive and Responsible.

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