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Our ambition is to accompany all transportation stakeholders in meeting tomorrow’s mobility challenges. We strive to provide them with the most efficient and digital mobility systems, while further improving the environmental friendliness of our solutions. 

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Alstom in Kazakhstan

A major contributor to the rail industry in the region
Contact Alstom in Kazakhstan
12 Samal, BC «Astana Tower»
+7 (7172) 62 07 40

A major contributor to the rail industry in the region

Alstom is present in Kazakhstan with more than 800 people, two Joint Ventures and two plants, EKZ in Nur-Sultan for locomotives manufacturing and maintenance; and KazElectroPrivod in Almaty for the production of point machines. Alstom is the only manufacturer of electric locomotives and point machines in the Central Asian and Caucasian region and a major contributor to the revitalisation of its rail industry and the development of its economy. 

Kazakhstan is an important hub linking Europe, Middle East, Asia and Russia through the new Silk Way. With around 21,000 km of track, the Kazakh railway network is the world’s third biggest network using the 1,520 mm track gauge and represents a substantial market for maintenance activities. 

Alstom’s sites in Kazakhstan

EKZ JV in Nur-Sultan 

Alstom entered Kazakhstan’s railway market in June 2010 together with its Russian partner Transmashholding (TMH), by laying the first stone of the EKZ facility in order to build locomotives for the Kazakh network. The joint company was held by Alstom (25%), TMH (25%) and Kazakh Railways (50%). Alstom, EKZ, TMH and KTZ had signed a contract for the supply of 200 Prima T8 “KZ8A” and 95 Prima M4 “KZ4AT” locomotives. The EKZ plant was inaugurated in 2012.

EKZ in Nur-Sultan
EKZ JV in Kazakhstan

In February 2016, Alstom increased its stake to 50% and later signed an agreement with KTZ to acquire their remaining 25% shares in December 2017, which made Alstom majority stakeholder in EKZ with 75% shares. At the same time, the locomotives supply agreement and related maintenance agreements were amended to increase the scope of delivery and maintenance up to 302 Prima T8 “KZ8A” and 119 Prima M4 “KZ4AT” locomotives. Meanwhile in May 2014 Alstom has been awarded a contract from ADY (Azerbaijan Railways) for supplying 40 Prima T8 “AZ8A” locomotives, which are being produced at EKZ.

The freight locomotives are now fully assembled at EKZ, the full assembly of passenger locos has been started in 2019. 

As of April 2020, EKZ employs more than 650 people and is working on supplying and maintaining the Prima electric locomotives ordered by KTZ. 53 KZ8A freight locomotives and 20 KZ4AT passenger locomotives are already in commercial operation on Kazakhstan’s rail lines.

KEP JV in Kazakzstan

KEP JV in Almaty

KEP was formed in 2012 and was awarded a €90 million contract for the supply of 10,000 point machines to KTZ. Today KEP is owned 50/50 by Alstom and SOP Trade. With a total surface of 2,870m2, KEP employs 55 people and is working on supplying the point machines P80 to KTZ. As of April 2020, 3,120 point machines have been in commercial operation and have proven to be reliable and suitable for Kazakhstan’s rail lines. 

Alstom’s P80 is a wayside electromechanical point machine designed to operate with no need of periodic maintenance while providing the highest level of safety.

Read more on the KEP website

KEP JV in Kazakhstan

Repair center in Nur-Sultan 

The corrective and overhaul preventive works, including spare parts and repairing of traction and brake systems, for the Prima T8 “KZ8A” and Prima M4 “KZ4AT” locomotives will be performed there for a period of 25 years. With a total surface of 2,660m2 more than 35 highly qualified employees work in Repair Center since July 2017.

Alstom Repair Center in Kazakhstan video Thumbnail
employees (including JVs)
manufacturing plants, 3 depots, 1 repair center and 1 office
P80 point machines in operation
freight locomotives in operation
passenger locomotives in operation
  • Freight locomotives prima T8

    Freight locomotives prima T8

    • Production of 302 “KZ8A” locomotives for KTZ (Kazakhstan National Railways)
    • Production of 40 “AZ8A” locomotives for ADY (Azerbaijan Railways)

  • Passenger locomotives prima M4

    Passenger locomotives prima M4

    • Production of 119 “KZ4AT” locomotives for KTZ (Kazakhstan National Railways)

  • Signalling: P80 Point machines

    Signalling: P80 Point machines

    • Production of 10,000 point machines for KTZ (Kazakhstan National Railways)

  • Customised services: maintenance

    Customised services: maintenance

    • Full maintenance of 302 “KZ8A” & 119 “KZ4AT” locomotives over 25 years each
    • Full maintenance of 27 “KZ4Ac” non-Alstom locomotives over 25 years each
    • Corrective maintenance and overhaul works of the traction and brake systems

  • Components: Onboard transformers

    Components: Onboard transformers

    Alstom is increasing localisation level through developing new technologies
    • Capacity: 250 on-board transformers per year
    • 100 employees to hire at full capacity

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the Alstom Foundation’s “Building future technicians” project in Kazakhstan, Alstom in partnership with Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) have come together to help improve career opportunities for students in the Agrotechnical College in Atbasar.

CSR Welding in Kazakhstan
College students and teachers visit Kazakhstan
Students and teachers from Atbasar Agrotechnical College

40 college students and teachers from the Atbasar Agrotechnical College have visited the EKZ joint venture in Nur-Sultan. During their visit, the students were able to learn about Alstom, ongoing projects in Kazakhstan, EKZ’s activities and career opportunities for future welders.

The project focused on:

  • Strengthening teachers’ capacity to provide a high-quality education
  • Enabling students to access updated and interactive classes
  • Improvement of the Welding Laboratory and master classes organized for teachers
  • Extending welding equipment practice for students at school and Alstom plants
College students visit Kazakhstan
Students and teachers from Atbasar Agrotechnical College

Working at Alstom in Kazakhstan

Joining Alstom will allow you to develop your career within a diverse and international working environment. You’ll become a part of a highly qualified team and working with some of the most important projects within the railways industry in the country.

The possibilities of development offered by Alstom, both in Kazakhstan and internationally, will give you the opportunity to take charge of your professional career and contribute directly to the development of sustainable mobility around the world. Our strategic plan is driven by one Alstom team sharing the same values: Agile, Inclusive and Responsible.

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Alstom in Kazakhstan