accessibility statement

Alstom is committed to make its website accessible according to the article 47 of the law n° 2005-102 of 11 february 2005.

In the ongoing process of RGAA 4.0 compliance, Alstom is carrying out the multiannual scheme with its detailed accessibility strategy and actions.

Accessibility statement supplies on corporate website.

Compliance level

Company  web site does partially meet level AA of RGAA 4.0 standards.

Test results

Accessibility testing has been carried out by Ipedis, reached the score of 41.94%.

  • 36 criteria failed
  • 26 criteria respected
  • 44 criteria not-applicable

Non accessible content

Contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons

    • Some elements generate keyboard trap
    • Several links or buttons are non-explicit on their destination
    • Some content are visible on the screen but not read by the screen reader
    • The sub-menus are not accessible with the keyboard
    • The contrast between the color of the background and the text/images is not sufficient
    • The user don’t have the control on the carousel
    • Some images don’t have description
    • The opening of a new page is not specified to the user
    • Animations are not under user control
    • Few language changes are not specified to the user
    • Inappropriate use of the title tag for presentation
    • Some videos don’t have audio description
    • Some images overlay some videos
    • PDF documents are not accessible
    • In some cases,zoom makes information not understandable
    • Some complex images don’t have relevant textual alternatives.
    • Some decorative images are read by the screen reader
    • Some frames don’t have title
    • Some complex tables don’t have summary
    • The rows and columns of tables are not associated
    • The source code generated is sometimes considered as non valid
    • The structuration of the document is not correct
    • Some list structures are not correct
    • Some quotes structure are not correct
    • Focus are missing when navigating with the keyboard
    • Tabulation order is not relevant
  • Element under evaluation. 

  • No content has been identified not subject to accessibility requirements.

Accessibility statement production

This statement has been issued on 2020/09/17.

Feedback and contact

If you have any trouble operating this website,
please do not hesitate to contact us at :
Please do not use this email address for advertising, business enquiries or any other request not related to web accessibility as we regret will not be able to treat such enquiries.

Enforcement procedure

The described procedure shall be used in the following case:

If you reported any accessibility violation to the webmaster that prevents you from accessing content or one of the services on the website, and you have not obtained a satisfactory answer: