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Alstom’s united community 

Alstom’s community creates an environment promoting and encouraging teamwork, dialogue and cooperation, across all levels of hierarchy and all geographical areas. We are a group of passionate, dedicated people who love working together as problem-solvers and trouble-shooters. We go on a challenging journey, but we do it as a community. We are eager to invite our future co-workers into our company culture and introduce them to our world!

Our culture of recognition

Our Reward & Recognition policies and principles are attractive​: We provide a competitive compensation package, adapted to our geographical areas. We regularly review our rewards structure to ensure competitiveness with external markets.

  • They take a long-term view​:

    They take a long-term view​:

    We develop specific long-term reward policies aligned with Alstom’s strategic vision and aim towards a wider Total Reward perspective, supporting career development.

  • They let you share in our success​:

    They let you share in our success​:

    We offer a range of plans to enable employees to become company shareholders. We provide profit-sharing schemes based on combined results. 

  • They reward performance:

    They reward performance:

    We encourage sustainable performance through competitive variable pay and individualized compensation packages. We accompany promotions and career progressions with dedicated reward strategies. Offering our employees a total reward package that allows flexible benefits to suit their individual needs. 

  • They are fair​:

    They are fair​:

    We design and implement inclusive policies that exclude biases from any pay decisions. We regularly monitor pay equity and fair treatment.

  • They acknowledge our corporate social responsibility​:

    They acknowledge our corporate social responsibility​:

    We encourage healthy lifestyles and promote well-being initiatives. We design our reward programs in coherence with Alstom’s CSR objectives. We care about the protection of our teams and their relatives, offering health insurance, life insurance & disability coverage.

Policies for real flexibility:

  • Flexibility as to where you work: remote working, activity-based working 
  • Flexibility as to when during the day you work: flexible working hours, possibilities for part time work 
  • Flexibility as to when during the year you work: floating holidays, flexible holidays, phased retirement, family leave, special care needs leave, term-time working, phased return to work from maternity/paternity/adoption

People empowerment

As a Top Employer, we know that taking care of our employees also means empowering them to achieve their own success, which is why we encourage our people to take charge of their careers. We accompany them through two key programs:


MyGalaxy provides Alstom employees with a clear global picture of positions in their “galaxy”. Use it to learn about the various jobs in a specific function (and the skills they demand). Thanks to MyGalaxy, you will be able to preview and build your future career steps as well as your global journey at Alstom.

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People Management Cycle  

As a successful career rarely happens by chance, it makes a great difference if you are able to develop a clear vision of your skills and aspirations – and have transparent and genuine discussions about these things with your management. To help all employees along the way, Alstom invites everybody to take part in the People Management Cycle, a Human Resources process designed to make review and feedback between managers and employees as open and straightforward as possible, as well as to ensure their continuous dialogue.

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Alstom University 

Learning is a cornerstone of life at Alstom. Alstom University is our award-winning, best-in-class learning powerhouse that allows employees to continuously learn, upgrade their proficiencies and extend their skills. Employees can develop their credentials by obtaining certificates from the best universities worldwide.

Alstom University provides:

  • A variety of job-related Academies (from Finance to Digital Mobility) 

  • A complete and holistic approach towards corporate education, learning and development  

  • Digital, classroom, and blended learning curricula for technical & soft skills 

  • New innovative VR-powered learning technologies 

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Alstom University

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D&I at our core

Alstom is continuously building an inclusive workplace, where everyone can thrive, succeed and contribute to our sustainable success, regardless of gender, origin, or religion. We believe that our Diversity & Inclusion engagements allow us to build effective teams where everybody feels included and treated fairly, to nurture creativity and innovation through fresh perspectives, and to acquire and develop talent from a wider pool.


Diversity and Inclusion

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