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Innovation at Alstom

COE Interiors - light ceiling innovation at Valenciennes Petite Forêt (Ref 160965)

Value creation through innovation is both the key to technological differentiation and a means of creating added value and gaining a competitive edge. To lead in green and smart solutions, Alstom has significantly reinforced its Research and Development (R&D) resources and intends to expand its leadership in rail innovation.

Alstom innovation has a large impact on all the areas of public and mass transport.

Staying a step ahead

Alstom has built an international reputation on the performance and technological lead provided by its transport solutions. The company is determined to maintain its focus on innovation to set itself apart from other market players while establishing its competitive edge and reducing the total cost of ownership of its products.

of sales dedicated to R&D

Adopting a collective mindset, always exploring new possibilities together

At Alstom, we are on a collective journey to change mobility. We are making it smarter. We are making it greener. To do so, we are exploring mobility in every way.

Innovation is a strategic driver of the Alstom in Motion 2025 strategy.

At Alstom, we innovate not only to deliver operationally today, but to transform mobility at large, by pioneering smarter and greener mobility solutions for all.

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Alstom has structured an innovation process designed to identify and nurture the most promising ideas in line with the Group’s innovation strategy. Due to ongoing R&D investments and partnerships, we were able to reveal ground-breaking innovations such as the zero-emission Coradia iLint regional train, the multimodal management system for urban transport Mastria, HealthHub, a predictive maintenance tool, or StationOne, the first online marketplace for the mobility sector.

For Alstom, smart innovation is a way to create a smarter mobility with added-value for  passengers and operators alike. It is also a way to increase Alstom's assets, through a proper management of intellectual property and to enhance its efficiency and ways of working. Our objective is to make rail systems:

  • more efficient for operators: smart maintenance, cybersecurity, optimised total cost of ownership,  efficiency;
  • more attractive for passengers: on-board passenger experience, connectivity, real-time information;
  • and more integrated with other modes of transport: multimodal operations, first and last mile mobility solutions.
  • Green mobility

    Green mobility

    Leading societies to a low carbon future

  • Smart Mobility

    Smart Mobility

    Making mobility simple to operate and ride

  • Inclusive & Healthier Mobility

    Inclusive & Healthier Mobility

    Create mobility solutions that all people can enjoy riding

Using the full power of our innovation teams and external networks

Open and collaborative networks and relationships enable everyone to experiment, explore, and validate on what contributes to value creation. We promote open innovation, partnering with a number of universities, research centres, start-ups and other stakeholders to strengthen our scope for innovation in line with our far-sighted approach. 

A diverse network of innovation champions

Our innovation champions form a global network to increase innovation awareness, support Alstom sites and regions with innovation queries and foster local innovation initiatives. The regions and countries play a major role in setting priorities according to the local environment, expectations from employees, external requirements from customers, authorities or legislations. 

Alstom has structured a collaborative innovation process, open to all employees across all business lines and sites, designed to identify and nurture the most promising ideas in line with the Group’s innovation strategy. The process is supported by a network of local Innovation Champions distributed across all geographies, chosen and trained to increase innovation awareness, and value creation at their sites.

Innovation Academy

Our Alstom University helps foster an open-to-all innovation community and culture through training sessions, online webinars, tools, and processes.

local innovation supporters
innovation champions
AiM (Alstom in Motion) regional leaders

Encouraging in-house creativity

As part of the efforts to achieve a strong culture of innovation within the company, Alstom organises the annual “I NOVE YOU” innovation campaign, rewarding creative & valuable outcomes, spanning from products, systems, processes, sustainable development, Open Innovation and more. 

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For a trusted and cyber-secure mobility

Transportation cybersecurity has become a critical issue. At Alstom, we take this very seriously and have put in place an organization and dedicated guidelines to deal with it. We also contribute to the definition of international standards on rail cybersecurity.

Combining expertise in cybersecurity and thorough knowledge of the railways, Alstom supports today its customers in the protection of their transport systems:

  • We conduct cybersecurity risk analysis and provide pragmatic security architecture and controls based on the context of the operator.
  • We develop our solutions integrating cybersecurity: secure development lifecycle, security assurance, hardened configurations, secure protocols, administration function protection, security events management and alerts. We also develop products dedicated to cybersecurity such as interfaces between zones.
  • We provide our solutions with the appropriate guidelines and procedures for secure installation, configuration, operation and maintenance.
  • Finally, we are defining and putting in place the infrastructures enabling us to offer our customers vulnerability monitoring and security update services to maintain their rail system security against ever-changing threats.