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Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility, worldwide.

Our ambition is to accompany all transportation stakeholders in meeting tomorrow’s mobility challenges. We strive to provide them with the most efficient and digital mobility systems, while further improving the environmental friendliness of our solutions. 

Smart innovation for sustainable mobility

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We offer a complete range of equipment and services, from high-speed trains, metros, trams and e-buses to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions.

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At Alstom, we value curious and innovative people who are passionate about working together to reinvent mobility, making it smarter and more sustainable. We are building an agile, inclusive, and responsible culture, where diverse people are offered opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their careers, with options across functions and geographies.

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Alstom in the Netherlands

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Contact Alstom in the Netherlands
Vliegend Hertlaan 15-97 (8th floor)
3526 KT
+31 30 292 96 11

Your innovative, reliable and sustainable partner of mobility systems in the Netherlands to build the mobility of tomorrow

Alstom is a major supplier of sustainable railways solutions – rolling stock, signalling and associated services - in the Netherlands and currently employs in the country approximately 250 people across 4 sites.

These sites are enabling a high proximity to our customers and partners, operators, municipalities and provinces.  The locations include today signalling project offices in Utrecht and Duivendrecht, a services site in Ridderkerk and a maintenance facility in Nieuwegein.  Our commitment is to daily serve and support our clients through high-level, dedicated expertise and local presence. Mobility is our Nature.

Our proud history in The Netherlands is already over 40’s year old and includes the supply of 28 metro’s M5/M6 in Amsterdam for GVB, 113 Citadis trams in Rotterdam for RET and 72 Regio-Citadis tram-trains in The Hague for the HTM RandstadRail operation.  Alstom succeeded the first implementation of ERTMS level 2 only on the BetuweRoute and Hanzelijn freight lines, as well as new interlocking for the ProRail network and the equipping of 180 trains with ERTMS on-board equipment.  Our Services department managed to modernize the traction system of the VIRM fleet of NS and is maintaining since 10 years the on-board/trackside ERTMS systems. 

In the more recent years, Alstom has supplied the latest CBTC signalling platform for the Amsterdam metro (Noord/Zuid line and Ring line) in both track and metro vehicles.  Alstom is supplying 99 Intercity New Generation trains to NS for the HSL-Zuid and main rail network (HRN) and ICNG trains for cross-border service to Brussels.  On the Services side, Alstom is maintaining the tramway fleet of Utrecht since December 2019 and is providing digital maintenance services for several Dutch operators.

Strong expertise on ERTMS

Alstom has been one of the primary players in developing and implementing the ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) signalling solution for the European railways.  The system is amongst other things increasing the security level on the rails and lead to more trains on time.   In The Netherlands, Alstom implemented as first première the ERTMS solution on the freight lines BetuweRoute and Hanzelijn.  The company has also equipped over 180 trains with its ERTMS solution.  

With projects in 30 countries, Alstom has installed nearly 40% of the trackside ERTMS Level 2 equipment in service in Europe mostly on large-scale projects as in Danemark, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.  The company also managed the retrofit of major fleets such as for SBB, ÖBB, CFL, Banedanmark and including Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed ICE3 and Vectron locomotives.

Alstom has a strong team of worldwide 6.000 experts in signalling.  Utrecht and Duivendrecht are strategic sites for Alstom’s train control expertise for local projects with over 80 experts.

  • A sustainable focus

    The Netherlands, a dynamic path towards more smart and sustainable mobility

    Providing sustainable solutions by nature, we are proud that we are able to deliver a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and solutions to meet mobility needs via a socially responsible business model. 

    The solutions that Alstom develops are designed to optimize sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle, beginning with the choice of raw materials and the manufacturing process to its operational efficiency, with particular emphasis on reducing energy consumption and end-of-life recycling.

    Globally, Alstom’s main objective for 2025 is to reduce the energy consumption of its products and services by 25%, compared to the 2014 data. As of March 2020, it has achieved a reduction of already 20%. 

    In the field of innovation, Alstom has done tests, together with operators in the Netherlands , with the e-bus Aptis,  Autonomous Train Operation (ATO) (GoA2 and GoA4), Hybrid Level 3 and with the Coradia iLint  hydrogen train, which has been successfully tested on the Groningen -Leeuwarden  line. All this in order to contribute to the development of a smarter and greener mobility and a healthy planet.  

CO2 performance ladder EN_1060x630.png

The C02 performance level

The so-called CO2 performance ladder is an instrument that helps organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, in the performance of projects and in their business operations. Widely used in the Netherlands with a certificate on the performance ladder, organisations can receive an award advantage when they apply for tenders. The CO2 performance ladder comprises 5 levels. Level 5 means that the organisation aims to reduce CO2 emissions within the organisation and all of its projects and also from the business chain and sector.

Needless to say, Alstom always has the highest ambitions regarding CO2 reduction. The highest C02 level 5 performance certification has been confirmed since 2014.

Besides the C02 Performance, Alstom in the Netherlands is also certified ISO 14001 for its operations.

rail vehicles operating or contracted in The Netherlands
CO2 level performance of our activities (sites and solutions)
  • Urban signalling

    Complete CBTC system (Urbalis) for the Amsterdam metro (Noord/Zuid lijn and Ring lijn). Complete signalling system for the Rotterdam metro.

  • Rolling stock modernisation

    Maintenance and systems/components upgrades on ICR cars of NS, VIRM double decks cars for NS and 60 Citadis trams in Rotterdam.

  • NS Intercity trains

    NS Intercity trains

    In the summer of 2016, Alstom signed a contract with NS for the delivery of 79 Intercity Next Generation trains (ICNG) to operate on the HSL-Zuid and the main national rail network. In 2017 and 2019 NS has ordered 20 additional optional trains for cross-border operation to Brussels. In June 2020, the tests with ICNG have started on the Dutch rail network. The ICNG (Intercity Next Generation) is a train from the Alstom regional train Coradia platform that up to now has delivered over 2.200 trains with a common denominator: the quality of ride and circulation on board. This modern train is a combination of proven technology and at the same time a train that is ready for the future.

  • Signalling


    Implementation of the CBTC system in the Metro of Amsterdam (Ring Line). Ongoing delivery of Atlas, Alstom’s ERTMS-based signalling solution on Betuweroute extension projects : Zevenaar, Havenspoorlijn and A15 line, as well as installing new on-board ERTMS equipment on various vehicles. Long term services contract for mainlines and urban signalling.

  • Services


    Daily preventive and corrective maintenance of 49 Urbos 100 tramways for the Province of Utrecht with use of cutting-edge tools such as the real time monitoring for predictive maintenance to gather relevant data of the tramways. Alstom is offering several Dutch operators digital modern preventive maintenance through digitalisation tools to further improve the reliability and performance of their fleets.

Working at Alstom in the Netherlands

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