Diversity and Inclusion


Encouraging diversity and inclusion to nurture creativity and innovation

Alstom is a global company where our people vision and values embrace Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Wherever we operate and across all our businesses, we want to create an inclusive culture in which diversity is welcomed and appreciated.

By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute with their knowledge, skills, experiences and perspectives, we also generate value for Alstom and its stakeholders.

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“Inclusion is not just the right thing to do for Alstom. It’s the right thing to do, period. Fostering Diversity and Inclusion through targeted action, supported by analytics, allows our employees to be their best selves and to thrive in our company.”

Brechje Merckx
Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  • 24.7%
    of women managers, engineers and professionals
  • 5.5%
    gender pay gap for managers, engineers and profesionnals compared to 5.8% last year
  • 94/100
    Equality index for Alstom Transport SA

Clear strategy and objectives to foster inclusion

Inclusion helps create a work environment and a culture where all differences are valued, respected and leveraged without any bias. Diverse teams provide wider perspectives and boost performance and innovation.

The Global Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy launched during the FY 2022/23 across the Group reflects the company’s position of zero tolerance against discrimination and harassment and provides guidance in terms of steps to be taken in such conditions. 

The Group DEI strategy is supported by four pillars – gender balance, disability inclusion, multiple culture and LGBTQ at work – with concrete objectives for achieving diversity and inclusion across all levels of the organisation.

Gender Balance

At Alstom, we want to move beyond simply valuing gender diversity. We aim to empower and educate for inclusivity of all genders. By 2025, we aim to reach 28% of women in manager, engineering and professional roles and 28% in senior leadership positions.

Disability Inclusion

Alstom aims to attract and retain more employees with disabilities, by providing them with an accessible work environment, that challenges misconceptions about disabilities and employment. Alstom is continuing its partnership with The "Valuable 500", the network of 500 CEOs and their companies committed to action for disability inclusion. 

LGBTQ+ at Work

Alstom strives to create a work environment where employees with all sexual orientations and gender identifications feel respected, safe and comfortable in expressing themselves authentically. 

Multiple Cultures

With a presence in 64 countries and 184 nationalities onboard, Alstom wants employees from all countries to see themselves represented at all levels of the organisation. It is equally important to help all employees develop awareness of cross-cultural differences and similarities. Specific action plans have been developed at local level to take advantage of this asset.  

Alstom's D&I strategy

The D&I Steering Committee made up of members of the top management, is responsible for the corporate D&I strategy development and the definition of global initiatives. Through a global approach, deployment of these initiatives is supported by a network of D&I Champions in all regions.


"By taking an evidence-based approach to integrating diversity and inclusion into our systems, I believe Alstom can make a paradigm shifting impact on our workforce and our communities. Alstom’s commitment to diversity and inclusion serves as an additional competitive advantage that we bring to the market."

Chanda A. Hand
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager, Americas

D&I actions at Alstom

Discover some of the actions that are driven at global and/or local level for our main D&I pillars.

  • We want to recruit more women employees, through a robust talent acquisition process. Currently, we follow our women talent and have developed several initiatives at global and local levels to support their professional growth through mentoring, coaching and leadership programmes.

    We also aim to ensure equal gender pay, thanks to dedicated global action plans and adjustment measures, along with regular monitoring on the progress made.

    Key Partnerships

    We have also partnered with a series of non-profit organisations, not only to advocate for gender balance, but also deepen the knowledge and understanding on the topic for employees. Here's a list of our current partnerships:

    Catalyst - to unlock the workplaces that work for women

    Women in Rail - to ensure true cross-representation throughout the industry

    Elles bougent - to fill the female pipeline through collaboration

    Valore D - to enable effective monitoring & improvement of the diversity and inclusion indicators set out

    At Alstom, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are key in driving the D&I agenda and increasing awareness on main challenges minority groups can face at work. The largest ERG at Alstom, that’s present in more than 10 countries across all business regions, is Alstom Women of Excellence (AWE), which welcomes and celebrates our women employees from all areas and levels of expertise.

  • Our commitments for Disability Inclusion are aimed towards both our employees, as well as mobility solutions development that are safe and easily accessible for all passengers, with and without disabilities. 

    Alstom commits to disability inclusion, by joining ​​​​​​The Valuable 500 in 2021 – the largest network of global CEOs committed to diversity – ensuring disability inclusion features prominently in its leadership agenda. 

    Our live awareness sessions, are complemented by our All Abilities Toolkit that helps build a common understanding about disabilities, breaks down myths or misconceptions and highlights challenges associated with disabilities.

    To showcase, embrace and show support towards neurodiversity, Alstom has launched in several European countries the Extraordinary@work initiative, through which people with Asperger syndrome are hired in Engineering roles. This gives our employees the chance to learn more about autism and an opportunity for high-level qualification for our new colleagues, in line with their potential and aspiration.

    When it comes to Disability Inclusion our most mature ERG is Voices of Disability (VOD) in Alstom UK, where they achieved the government accreditation for Disability Confident Leader. With 50 members VOD aims to improve conditions for all Alstom UK employees and are committed to support all current and future employees to achieve their full potential at work, regardless of disability or career responsibilities.

  • We want to promote better understanding on the topic and acknowledge the diversity of identities across the LGBTQ+ community, through specific awareness sessions. We work to progressively ensure that our company procedures, policies and benefits are LGBTQ+ friendly.

    To support the LGBTQ+ employees within our organisation, several countries celebrate Pride Month and Wear it Purple Celebration Day with events involving many employees, where open and honest conversations on the topic take place.

    Our biggest initiative that takes place during Pride month, is the Rainbow Train, an initiative which everybody can join. It is a fitness challenge designed to virtually gather people together from different places and countries and mimic marching for pride marches.

    When it comes to LGBTQ+ at work, we are proud to rely on Rainbow Allies who reinforce the importance of allyship and look to build workplaces that celebrate everyone, regardless of gender expression, identity and sexual orientation. We also depend on ERGs such as Alstom True Colours (ATC), that focuses on supporting and empowering the LBGTQ+ community through advocacy, allyship and education.

    Tamara Tepox & Craig Molnar
  • In our business, most of the employees interact daily with people in different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. For a fruitful cross-cultural collaboration, all employees can leverage  internal educational resources about intercultural awareness.

    Alstom Black Leaders of Excellence (ABLE) is our ERG established to support Black/African American/Caribbean employees. The operation of this resource group is to be a strategic partner with Alstom business leaders, Human Resources, and employees to promote inclusion, success, excellence and understanding of cultural differences.


Alstom's Mind the Glass programme

Mind the Glass is our company-wide programme designed to promote gender equality and inclusivity globally. We recognise that achieving gender balance requires a long-term commitment, and as such, we have created a sustainable programme focused on tailored and targeted local action.

The initiative first originated in Italy, where it was successfully implemented, and in 2023 it was awarded the 4Awards4Inclusion in the category of Advancing Gender Balance. 

Breaking barriers, building balance

  • gender-balanced candidate slates
  • unconscious bias training
  • women development programmes and
  • targeted actions facilitated by cross-functional collaboration.

We believe that every stage of the employee life cycle is critical in promoting gender balance, from attracting women to recruiting and retaining them, reducing the gender pay gap, and providing opportunities for career development and advancement.


“We can only teach what we do, if we practice inclusion then we teach inclusion. D&I is about continuous learning and finally creating a snowball effect which gradually changes mentalities for all of us.”

Alice Mautin
HR Director and D&I Champion in HR for France

Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Our culture of inclusion and zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying is also reinforced through our Global Policy of Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment. This underlines the unaccepted behaviours, along with steps to be taken and points of contact in case these take place.

Explore our Diversity and Inclusion Charter to better understand our D&I Framework.