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Leading the way to greener and smarter mobility, worldwide.

Our ambition is to accompany all transportation stakeholders in meeting tomorrow’s mobility challenges. We strive to provide them with the most efficient and digital mobility systems, while further improving the environmental friendliness of our solutions. 

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We offer a complete range of equipment and services, from high-speed trains, metros, trams and e-buses to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions.

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At Alstom, we value curious and innovative people who are passionate about working together to reinvent mobility, making it smarter and more sustainable. We are building an agile, inclusive, and responsible culture, where diverse people are offered opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their careers, with options across functions and geographies.

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Alstom in Italy

Coradia Stream for Ferrovienord
Contact Alstom in Italy
Head Office:
Via Nomentana 41
Roma (RM)
+39 06 83531801

Regional offices
Bari - Phone: 0039 (0)80 5380811
Lecco – 0039 (0)341 35 87 11
Savigliano – 0039 (0)172 718 111
Bologna – 0039 (0)51 416311
Nola – 0039 (0)8131190160
Firenze - 0039 (0)55 42 341
Sesto San Giovanni - 0039 (0)2 22196400

A leading player in Italian rail industry

Deeply rooted in the Italian railway tradition, Alstom in Italy has been manufacturing trains for 160 years, signalling equipment for 90 years and traction systems for 60 years.

Today, with 8 sites, 31 depots throughout Italy and 3,200 employees, Alstom is a strong local employer recognized as one of the leaders on the Italian market.

Alstom in Italy can boast two centres of excellence: Savigliano (CN) in high-speed trains Avelia Pendolino and based on tilting technology and in regional trains – Bologna in signalling, computerised interlocking and traffic supervision systems. Alstom has made considerable investments in its industrial base in Italy. Alstom’s site in Savigliano (CN) is an example of Factory 4.0, with a cutting-edge 3D virtual reality room enabling our engineers to design trains for easier maintainability.

Major achievements

  • Over 500 Pendolino trains built in Italy and sold in 13 countries, including UK, Russia, Finland and China.
  • More than 550 regional trains for public, private and regional operators.
  • ERTMS level 2 system for the Italian high-speed lines, the first in Europe to be equipped with the new interoperable standard

  • Electrification, medium-low voltage and safety tunnel systems for most of Italian High speed lines. Third rail and power supply for Milano Metro Line 5. Trackwork, electrification and lighting for Firenze Tramways Line 2 and 3

centres of expertise
  • High-speed trains and signalling

    High-speed trains and signalling

    25 high-speed AGV trains for NTV and 26 Pendolino EVO for NTV; ERTMS level 2 for high-speed and other lines in Italy

  • Regional trains

    Regional trains

    350 Coradia Meridian regional trains and more than 200 Coradia Stream regional trains for Trenitalia, FNM and Italian Regions.

  • Control centres

    Control centres

    Integrated control centre for Bologna central station and signalling system for Passante di Bologna; Traffic supervision system and computerised interlockings for the node of Rome.

  • Renewal of signalling systems

    Renewal of signalling systems

    West Denmark, Arad-Curtici line (Romania), Beni Suef-Asyut line (Egypt) ; Milan Metro Line 1 without service interruption.

  • Infrastructure


    Milano-Genova and Brescia-Verona HSL (part of electrification, medium/low voltage systems, safety tunnel, sound system). New tram lines 2 and 3 (and extension) in Florence (track, electrification, power supply). Maintenance and renewal of electric traction, electrical sub-station, signalling wayside works in various geographical areas. Bus re-charge system for ATM Milano. New Desio-Seregno tramway (track, electrification). Milano Metro Line 5 (track, 3RD rail, power supply screen doors).

  • Maintenance and renovation

    Maintenance and renovation

    Fleet maintenance: Minuetto (Trenitalia and Trentino Trasporti) Coradia Meridian (Trenord); 30 years maintenance for Italo (NTV) AGV and Pendolino EVO; overhaul and technological upgrading for SBB Pendolino ETR 610 fleet; renovation upgrade of Trenitalia ETR470 Pendolino trains for Greece

  • Coradia Stream Pop

    Coradia Stream Pop

    In 2016, Alstom has been awarded a frame contract for the delivery of 150 Coradia Stream trains for Trenitalia. The latest generation of trains designed for regional and intercity lines will be destined for various Italian regions.

  • Italo EVO

    Italo EVO

    Alstom is building 17 Avelia Pendolino high-speed trains for NTV operators. Called Italo EVO, these trains, in addition to the existing fleet of 25 AGVs, will bring up the NTV fleet to a total of 42 Avelia trains.

  • Coradia Stream for FERROVIENORD

    Coradia Stream for FERROVIENORD

    Alstom is currently building the new Coradia Stream for FerrovieNord Milano which will circulate in Lombardy Region.

CSR in Italy

Over the years, Alstom Italia has given rise to various corporate social responsibility initiatives aimed at:

  • The academic world

    • Partnership with Milano and Torino Polytechnics, Bologna University and Roma La Sapienza for Bachelor and Master’s degrees and Summer School courses in Mobility Engineering.
    •  Collaboration with high schools for education and training of young people: different company departments periodically host students attending technical schools located in the neighbourhoods of Alstom sites.
  • Employees

    • Award as a Top Employer in Italy.
    • Smart working for employees.
    • Membership of Valore D, the Italian association committed to making the most of women’s talents and collaboration with the Valore D projects “Inspiring Girls” and “Ageless Talents” aimed at giving value to gender and generational differences.
    • Promotion of inter- and intra-company educational, training and networking projects, and mentoring programmes.
    • Projects aimed at nurturing cultural differences and integrating people with disabilities.
    • Hiring of four people with Asperger’s syndrome for highly technical roles in signalling (in collaboration with Bologna’s local health authority).
    • Availability for Alstom’s employees of the training course Maam (Maternity as a master, designed to accompany employees through an important life transition such as parenthood).
  • The community

    • Savigliano Factory Museum: the site of Savigliano is part of an extended museum itinerary including three locations where the visitor can learn about the ties between the town of Savigliano and trains.
    • Alstom in Italy has started a process of replacing disposable plastic with more sustainable materials in its offices and sites by joining the #iosonoambiente environmental campaign, promoted by the Italian Environment Ministry with the goal of becoming a #plasticfree company.
    • The Alstom Foundation supports several projects in Italy.
    • Alstom participates in a project for collecting uneaten food from the canteens of the company’s three principal sites, in collaboration with the Food Bank.
  • Environmental certifications

    • Certifications: AFNOR certified Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) Management Systems

Working at Alstom in Italy

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Alstom in Italy