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Iconis mainline: Seamless supervision and control

MARTA Control center, Atlanta, USA © Alstom/Adam Shumaker

Iconis mainline at a glance

  • User-friendly network monitoring and control
  • Configurable and scalable
  • Improved efficiency on dense networks

With Alstom’s Iconis mainline solutions, railway infrastructure managers have complete control over their network operations in an adaptable and user-friendly package.

Agility in action

Each Iconis system can be configured to present the information most important to the network’s controllers. It can be used to merely monitor the state of traffic and infrastructure, or assume automatic control and supervision based on real-time events. Its automatic path management functions help to achieve greater efficiency on large networks with dense traffic, as proven in Bologna, Italy, where 80% of traffic was routed automatically by Iconis.

User-friendly interfaces

The human-machine interface (HMI) delivered with Iconis is intuitive and easy to use by control centre operators, thereby also making training easier to deliver. It draws together all the most relevant operational data in real time, allowing controllers to assess situations and resolve conflicts rapidly. By tracking and recording routine operations, Iconis offers a repository of data to help to pinpoint recurring problems and determine best practices to further improve efficiency.

Flexible and integrated

In terms of software, it is easy to plug into commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. And, like its urban sister version, the Iconis mainline system can be supplied in separate parts (ATS, SCADA, infotainment and security) or bundled together in an integrated control centre solution. Such flexibility explains its adoption all over the world in environments as varied as Brazil, Australia, the Channel Tunnel Link, Chicago, Vietnam and Sweden. 

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