Innovia monorail systems: World leader for the last 40 years


Innovia monorail systems at at glance

  • Seamless urban integration
  • Low infrastructure and environmental impact
  • Modern, quiet and comfortable
  • Flexible configurations to meet various operational needs

Fast and cost-effective to build, the Alstom Innovia™ monorail system offers comfortable mass-transit capacity, low infrastructure and environmental impact and the highest safety standards. Alstom is the trusted partner to deliver integrated monorail systems customised for every operational need with 40 years of experience in monorail design, build and operation.

Fast and cost-effective to build

Pre-cast sections of guideway are constructed offsite to allow for exceptionally rapid assembly on location and monorails require shorter platforms and stations, resulting in reduced cost of civil construction.

Seamless integration with buildings and structures

Monorails are ideally suited to dense urban areas, able to operate with a sharp curve radius and steep grades (up to 6%) and running on a light infrastructure  and a slim and light guideway structure.

  • 46m
    Curve radius (in depot)
  • 6%
    Steep grades
  • 100"
    seconds typical headways
  • 40
    years of experience

Flexible to meet various operational needs

Configurations range from 2-8 car trains. Can be adapted for the target capacity of the line.

Optimised delivery and guaranteed system performance

Offered as fully integrated system that includes rolling stock, signalling, infrastructure and services, a turnkey monorail system optimises project execution and guaranteed system performance.