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Alstom develops new platform for shunting locomotives

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The environmentally friendly locomotive for very flexible use

Based on the successful hybrid concept, Alstom in Stendal develops a new platform for shunting locomotives. The three-axle, robust and environmentally friendly locomotives can run up to 100 km/h, a curve radius of 60 m and have an extremely high tractive effort. On this very powerful basis, Alstom offers three different traction systems: a hybrid version, a two engines concept and a very powerful single-engine variant. The new locos can be used for a big variety of applications, in shunting as well as mainline service.

This new development is the consequential further development of our successful hybrid loco.
I am pleased that this new product allows us to offer our customers a particularly flexible and modular as well as fuel-saving locomotive, Klaus Hiller says, Managing Director of ALSTOM Lokomotiven Service GmbH.

Since the locomotives are all based on the same platform, they can be easily interoperated in mixed fleets or can simply be replaced in case of maintenance work. The locomotives offer a particularly high long-term value since they can be easily modified and adapted due to their modularity. Their configuration can in case of overhaul work be easily adapted. Generators and batteries can be exchanged against state-of-the-art components. Moreover, the extremely silent locomotives also offer a high ergonomic standard.

This new development demonstrates its special strength when being used in mixed fleets, e.g. with double traction in heavier mainline service and subsequent shunting and distribution traffic as single vehicles. In mainline service a hybrid loco and a dual-engine loco of a total power output of 1,050 kW, for example, can easily run at a speed of 100 km/h and can individually take up shunting service directly at the end points. This new development offers many operators a chance for a new, more economical operating concept with a reduced total number of vehicles and with substantial increased operational flexibility.

700 kW hybrid loco
The hybrid variant is equipped with a 350 kW diesel generator and a battery. In this version the loco is especially suitable for heavy-duty shunting service. A very economical and environmentally friendly diesel generator charges the battery and can also directly drive the electric motor for peak loads. For partial load the loco runs with battery power, thus saving in this variant 30 to 50% of diesel compared to conventional 700 kW shunting locomotives.

700 kW dual-engine loco
In addition, Alstom offers a two-engine variant, which is especially suitable for a combination of mainline and shunting service according to different requirements. Two engines of the same power allow for a flexible use with power outputs of up to 700kW. Under partial load, the locomotive is operated with only one generator so that 15% of diesel can be saved compared to a conventional single-engine diesel-hydraulic tractor.

1,000 kW single-engine loco
As a third variant, Alstom offers a single-engine tractor of 1,000 kW. This variant is worldwide the first locomotive of this power with three axles and a speed of 100 km/h. This loco is therefore the most flexible one in its power class and also saves up to 8% of diesel. It cannot only be used individually in light mainline service but also in shunting service without restriction.