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Avelia Horizon: The only double-deck high-speed train in the world

Avelia horizon high speed hero image

Avelia horizon at a glance

  • The only double-deck high-speed train in the world
  • Maximum speed of up to 350 km/h
  • Articulated for the best safety & comfort
  • Modularity for optimal passenger experience

Avelia Horizon™, the world’s only double-deck train running at over 300 km/h, offers high operational flexibility and guarantees the highest levels of safety and passenger experience, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Flexibility and modularity

The Avelia Horizon power car allows higher flexibility in train configuration, permitting to easily add or remove passenger cars, in line with traffic evolution or other operational needs.  The passenger cars are designed to allow customisation of sections as well. In addition, the interiors of the passenger cars can be reconfigured in record time to offer wide flexibility to operators and passengers. 

Interior view of the Avelia Horizon high-speed train.
The Avelia Horizon train can run over 300 km/h.

Reduced operating costs

Thanks to its articulated architecture, the Avelia Horizon reduces operating costs. Indeed, the train has fewer bogies, which count for 30% of the cost of preventive maintenance, and has a reduced weight compared with conventional architecture. Avelia Horizon offers up to 20% more capacity than a previous generation high-speed train with the same level of service and comfort, and therefore offers the lowest investment and operational costs per seat on the market.  

  • +20%
    capacity vs previous generation
  • -20%
    energy consumption
  • 740
    passengers (in 200 m version)

Enhanced passenger experience 

The Avelia Horizon brings the experience of visiting the lounge car to a new level. A specific focus has been put on light management and passengers will enjoy the latest innovations in terms of connectivity. The train is easily accessible with the widest doors at the European platform level. Its articulated architecture provides a smooth and safe ride with less noise and vibrations. 

Easy accessibility on Avelia Horizon.
Avelia Horizon high-speed and eco-friendly

Lowered energy consumption

The improvement of traction efficiency, return of energy to the catenary during braking, and eco-driving allow overall energy savings of around 20% for Avelia Horizon compared to previous generations. As resistance to motion counts for over half of the energy usage of a high-speed train in operation, enhanced aerodynamics such as nose shape and minimized cavities also significantly contribute to this lower energy consumption.  

  • Avelia Horizon for SNCF (France)

    Avelia Horizon for SNCF (France)

    100 very-high-speed trains ordered by SNCF in 2018 – optimizing TCO / seat. In August 2022, Alstom received an additional order for 15 new-generation Avelia Horizon high-speed trains.