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Clean air with PEPA-F filter ​


PEPA-F filter at a glance

  • Smart air filtration solution for rail
  • Improved air quality through fine filtration technologies
  • Immediate availability
  • Quick, easy and safe installation
  • Scalable filter dimensions
  • Modular technology with optional virus and bacteria additive

Our  PEPA-F™ filter for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a smart and efficient solution for rail transportation that is immediately available. Its quick, easy and safe installation makes it ideal for newly designed trains and retrofitting existing fleets.   

Based on a modular concept allowing for an optional antiviral coating, the filter improves the air quality on-board trains and ensures fine filtration with minimal integration impact on the HVAC system. The filter does not only capture the virus carriers, but can also eliminate the virus. This makes our air filtration solution unique on the market. The effectiveness of the filter has already been tested in a laboratory environment. 

  • The modular multi-layer design uses latest media technology allowing Alstom to attribute optimum performances up to fine filtration to the operator needs. 

    In addition, an optional special impregnation catches and kills viruses and bacteria consistently at highest effectiveness until the end of the filter life. 

    It follows a two-step approach:

    • First, the filter captures the virus carrier, e.g. water, dust, aerosol. 
    • In a second step, the virus is eliminated thanks to a special impregnation.
    • Immediate availability for new and existing Alstom and non-Alstom fleets
    • Quick and easy installation that does not require additional training as the changing process is the same as for basic filters
    • Scalable filter dimensions for use on any type of fleet​
    • Changing interval up to five times longer compared to basic filters 
    • With the optional antiviral coating, installing and changing the filter is even safer for maintenance personnel as viruses get eliminated, not just blocked 

PEPA-F™ key figures

fleets across metro, commuter and intercity networks have installed the filters
countries including Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA
1 micron
Filtration of smallest particles down to 1 micron

How is the filter composed?

It is a multi-laminated filter with a foam base layer and additional media layers such as: 

  • Pre-filter for larger particles
  • Inner layer for finer particles
  • First impregnation for fire and smoke protection
  • Second optional impregnation for virus elimination
Pleated multi-layer foam with frame
Pleated multi-layer foam with frame
PEPA-F filter flat multi layer foam
PEPA-F filter flat

99.8% effective against coronavirus

Our filter is rigorously tested in third-party laboratories (certified International Organization for Standards (ISO) 17025), proving it is 99.8 per cent effective against the coronavirus. Performance and efficiency are sustainable over the lifetime of the filter, as per ISO 18184 version 2019.


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