Alert procedure

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Employees or any person or third party may use the Alstom's Alert Procedure, in accordance with the laws and rules applicable in the country where they live or work, if they have reason to suspect a violation of the Code of Ethics or Alstom rules and policies.

How to report?

Reporting can be made through various channels:

Alstom Investigation Process

Investigation Process

The acknowledgement of the report takes place within seven days of its receipt and the company will provide feedback to the reporter within a reasonable period.

Alert Procedure and case management responsibilities

The Internal Audit and Ethics and Compliance departments at Alstom are jointly responsible for the management of the reports through the alert procedure, in accordance with applicable Alstom policies and procedures. Both Internal Audit and Ethics and Compliance departments will conduct a joint preliminary assessment of all reports to determine the appropriate category and whether the matter involves a potential violation of law, rules or Alstom instructions.

Alstom’s commitments

The Alstom Alert Procedure ensures confidentiality and anonymity, and all measures will be taken to respect and secure the confidentiality of the person making the alert. Alstom will honour its commitment that no employee or third party will suffer reprisals, such as a change of status, threats, harassment or any other form of discrimination and retaliation resulting from the use of the alert procedure or disclosure of information in good faith.