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    Customer portal

    The customer portal strengthens the proximity Alstom develops with its customers by making their daily exchanges with Alstom as smooth as possible.

    This single digital platform serves as a preferred point of contact to offer a wide range of services such as technical support and expertise, spares ordering, training offers...

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    Healthier Mobility 

    As a global leader and pure player in rail transport and sustainable mobility, we hold a great responsibility towards our customers, their passengers and employees. It is our mission to restore confidence and promote a sustainable and Healthier mobility™, worldwide.

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    Paris Metro passengers with face masks

    StationOne is the first online market place dedicated to the railway industry, connecting buyers and vendors to propose parts and services for rolling stock, signaling & infrastructure. StationOne reinvents the way railway professionals interact by improving their procurement & selling processes, through an unique platform.

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    in integrated urban systems worldwide
    Alstom metro cars running every day
    billions of passengers in Alstom’s high-speed trains since 35 years
    for on-board equipment worldwide