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ALSTOM will supply traction equipment for Delhi

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In May 2001, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation awarded an
ALSTOM-led consortium a contract for the design and supply of an
integrated automatic train control, signaling and
telecommunication system for this project (see editor’s

For this new contract, ALSTOM will design and supply
electrical equipment: high voltage transformers, earthing
switches, vacuum circuit breakers, high speed circuit breakers
and contactors. Much of this equipment will be come from
ALSTOM’s industrial facilities in Tarbes, France.

ALSTOM will equally manufacture, assemble and test
MELCO-designed traction equipment: traction motors, AC control
cases, inverter cases, converter/inverter cases, and auxiliary
converter cases. ALSTOM’s facility in Coimbatore, in
southern India, will carry out case assembling, wiring and
testing. Other ALSTOM units in India will be responsible for the
remainder of the equipment.

Delivery of the equipment will begin in February 2002 and will
run through to November 2004. Testing of completed trains will be
carried out in India.

This order comes within the framework of a contract placed
with the MITSUBISHI/MELCO/KOROS consortium in May 2001 for 240
new metro cars destined for Delhi’s first two metro lines,
scheduled to begin commercial service in late 2002. One metro
line will be underground, powered by D/C traction, and will
receive 17 X 4 new metro cars. The other line will be above
ground, powered by A/C traction, will receive 43 X 4 new metro

MELCO selected ALSTOM in keeping with the companies’
strong, long-term relationship and common interest in developing
industrial synergies on IGBT technology. ALSTOM’s local
presence in India will help to fulfill the contractual
localization obligations.

Editor’s notes

  • Signaling for the Delhi metro:

ALSTOM is responsible for the design and supply of an
integrated automatic train control, signaling and
telecommunication system for the Delhi metro, in consortium with
Alcatel Portugal, S.A.; and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan).
ALSTOM’s total share of the contract is 61%. ALSTOM will
supply its global integrated signaling and information system for
mass transit, URBALIS™. The system is composed of several
ALSTOM components: MASTRIA™ for speed control and automatic
train operation, SMARTLOCK™ interlocking to ensure full
safety during train operation, ICONIS™ to centrally manage
the rail network, and SMARTWAY™ to cover all basic needs in
train detection, point equipment and signals.

ALSTOM is supplying similar advanced technology systems for
the metros of Bangkok, Shanghai and Singapore.

ALSTOM’s signaling facilities in Delhi and Bangalore
(India) are responsible for project management, application
engineering and installation, while the company’s signaling
units in St-Ouen (France) and Bologna (Italy) will handle systems
engineering, product manufacturing and related software.

Deliveries will be carried out progressively, beginning in
February 2002 and running through August 2005.

  • ALSTOM traction in India: ALSTOM has already designed
    and supplied 100 sets of traction equipment to India’s
    Western Railways.

With more than 35 product lines and a presence in over 60
countries, ALSTOM Transport offers cutting-edge products and
services to four distinct types of customers: urban transit
authorities and operators; intercity passenger rail operators and
rolling stock owners; rail freight operators; and intercity
railway infrastructure owners. ALSTOM Transport, with 4.4 billion
euros in sales, has a 17% market share world-wide.

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