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GT13E2 gas turbine contract in Australia

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The power plant will provide reserve capacity to the new
wholesale electricity market in the state of Western

The Alstom turbines, operating initially in open cycle, are
each capable of producing 175.5 MW of power at summer peak
load. The project, Wagerup Stage 1, is scheduled to begin in
the third quarter of 2006, with completion by October 2007. At
a later stage, Wagerup Stage 2, the turbines will be part of a
cogeneration plant, operating as a baseload power station
providing both steam and electricity.

Under the contract, ALSTOM will supply two GT13E2 gas
turbine/generator sets with accompanying ancillary equipment.
This brings the number of GT13 turbines sold to 102.

Guy Chardon, vice president of ALSTOM’s Turbo Machines
Group business, said: “ALSTOM sells GT13 technology
either as part of a whole turnkey plant project or directly, as
in this case, to customers. ALSTOM gas turbines are ranking
high amongst the most advanced on the market in terms of
efficiency, availability and reliability and our strategy is to
expand the ‘direct to customer’ equipment sales

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