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Digital mobility

Iconis security: security and control systems - Seamless operational management

Iconis Security Control Centre

Security and control systems at a glance

  • A highly flexible network-supervision solution
  • All managed resources on a single screen
  • Real-time incident management and anticipation
  • Video and audio analysis

Maintaining smooth, safe operations requires the monitoring of all security issues on a network and reacting promptly both on the ground and on passenger information systems. The Iconis security system offers a comprehensive and configurable solution to these critical needs.

Easily adaptable supervision

Iconis security is a standard and configurable solution based on opened technologies. As it is modular and non-proprietary, it can integrate systems from other suppliers for security, telecom and passenger information functions, and as such is fully customisable to needs. A scalable solution that can be applied to stations, lines or whole networks.

A unique HMI for wayside and on-board operations

The Iconis security control centre features an integrated human-machine interface allowing network operators to access the wayside and vehicle cameras, intercoms, public address systems and other equipment, and enables using identical procedures, responding to incidents with operational support and live passenger information. Combined with an Iconis control centre, the operator can benefit from the complete oversight of their transport operations.

Smart analysis for optimal security

With passenger security & comfort as the absolute priority, Iconis security features specialist analytics modules which interpret image and sound footage received from its deployed sensors. It can recognise and track individuals behaving suspiciously, detect tunnel intrusion, spot abandoned articles and identify irregular sounds such as gunshots, explosions or breaking glass. Thanks to passenger flow monitoring and anticipation functions, the system enables the operator to orchestrate its action and to take the appropriate decisions at the right time. Clients from all over the world have chosen the Iconis security solution to guarantee their operations.

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