CLever: A smart take on cantilevers

CLever smart cantilever

Clever at a glance

  • Adjustable, easy-to-install cantilever
  • Reduced number of components
  • Robust and lightweight

Offering railway infrastructure professionals a quick and easy to install cantilever solution, CLever is the result of Alstom’s leading expertise in railway electrification components.

Installation made easy

CLever has a unique design which immediately hits the mark with electrification professionals. With fewer connections, the cantilever is easier and quicker to install. And yet its bracket also offers high adjustability, both vertically and horizontally, to cater to all types of catenary configuration, all with a reduced quantity of parts. 

Profile and materials

Looking closer at CLever, it features a barrel cross section offering high compression stability and lower aerodynamic resistance, this distinctive shape also preventing installation errors. We also incorporated a closed section to avoid dust, water, ice or grit deposit. And it comprises both stainless steel components for corrosion resistance, and aluminium parts for easier handling and installation.

Parts and maintenance

Featuring fewer components than traditional cantilevers, CLever is easier to repair with less spare part inventory. This enables lower fixed stock-related costs, and easier and cheaper maintenance.

In-house expertise

CLever was designed in Lecco, Italy by the Alstom centre of excellence for electrification components as part of our Cariboni feeding systems offer. We have widely-acclaimed experience and know-how in catenary products and components, acquired over decades in Europe and developed by leveraging our global innovation capability. 

  • 300
    km/h Performance up to the highest speeds
  • 25kV
    and 3kV versions