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Avelia AGV : an enhanced passenger experience at very high speed

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Avelia AGV at a glance

  • Designed for a smooth and relaxing journey
  • Flexible configuration to meet every service need
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Environmentally responsible and recyclable

Inspired by the design philosophy of the renowned French TGV* and part of the Avelia range, Alstom’s very high speed train AGV offers passengers comfortable and safe travelling conditions, while operators benefit from its energy efficiency and life cycle cost-effectiveness.

Riding in comfort

Passengers are carried to their destination at speeds up to 360 km/h thanks to the train’s articulated architecture designed for very high speeds. But they will still have the time to appreciate the extra space offered by 100 mm of additional interior body width, the bright interior with the largest windows on the VHS market, and the quiet and smooth travelling conditions - a result of bogies being placed between the cars. In addition, Avelia AGV offers low floors and unrestricted access for passengers with reduced mobility.

Supported by safety

Very high speed doesn’t mean very high danger. The rigidity of the trainset and the semi-rigid link between cars both offer guarantees in the event of derailment or collision, while the AGV nose is fitted with a kinetic energy absorption unit offering enhanced collision protection.

Optimising ownership

For operators, Avelia AGV provides a range of long-term financial benefits such as 15 to 30% less energy consumption due to its light weight, aerodynamic design and braking energy recovery. As it is designed for serviceability from the outset, maintenance costs are also up to 10% lower than non-articulated trains. And it is fully adaptable to operating needs: fully flexible configurations from 7 to 14 cars, and trainsets designed like a hollow tube that can be effortlessly fitted and refitted according to changing passenger requirements throughout the train’s 30 year lifespan.

Thinking about the environment

AGV’s impressive advantages also extend to caring for the environment and utilisation of resources. In addition to its inherent energy efficiency, the materials used in its manufacture offer more than 90% recyclability at end-of life, while noise pollution in operation is also kept low thanks to both its aerodynamics and special brake pads which reduce braking noise.

million passengers transported in first year after launch
lighter than market comparable trains
AGVs currently in service in Italy since April 2012