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Avelia Euroduplex: High capacity, very high-speed

TGV Euroduplex

Avelia Euroduplex at a glance

  • Highest capacity high-speed train
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Passenger comfort and fluidity

A member of the Avelia high and very high-speed train range, Avelia Euroduplex is the only double decker in the world running above 300 km/h.

Higher ridership

In an age where high and very high-speed rail travel has become the norm in many countries, Avelia Euroduplex constitutes the natural solution for the transportation of more passengers at high speeds and lower cost. Thanks to its two floors and 15 passenger rooms, an 8-car (200 m) Avelia Euroduplex holds up to 40% more passengers than a single-deck train of equivalent length and similar gauge. Used in two-unit formation, an Avelia Euroduplex can carry up to 1,268 passengers at 320km/h!

Ambiance and convenience

Passenger rooms can be adapted to provide different ambiances on board. Both decks have toilets as well as floor-level luggage racks within the sight of passengers. The continuous upper deck offers fluid and step-free circulation, access to the restaurant car, and panoramic view for passengers. With bogies placed between cars and not beneath passenger seating, the ride is quieter for customers, with less vibration.

In addition, wide entry doors and low floor access a better passenger flow.

TGV Euroduplex L’Océane

Lower cost per passenger

With the articulated architecture of Avelia Euroduplex requiring fewer bogies, the train weighs less. In fact, an empty Avelia Euroduplex is lighter than a fully laden single-deck train with equivalent comfort and service! Energy consumption is thus 6% lower per train, and 20% lower per seat than a non-articulated single deck train. An undeniable benefit in terms of operating costs!

International by nature

Avelia Euroduplex is TSI (technical specifications for interoperability) certified, designed to run across borders, and currently operates in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Luxembourg. It has embedded ERTMS signalling technology and can work on four different traction power voltages.

Avelia trains in service worldwide
Avelia double-deckers in service since 1996
the number of countries where the Avelia Euroduplex is operating, crossing 5 borders
km/h of commercial speed (tested at 350 km/h)