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Smartway: Outstanding trackside signalling for all rail systems

Smartway: Outstanding trackside signalling for all rail systems

Smartway at a glance

  • Compliant with all traction type and track gauges
  • Operational in all extreme temperatures
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Remote and predictive diagnostics for easy maintenance

Smooth rail operations depend on seamless signalling and route control products which offer high availability and reliability. Through the extensive Smartway range, Alstom offers the benefit of its historical experience and cutting-edge technical expertise to railway infrastructure owners.

A comprehensive product range

The Smartway family is made up of point machines, axle counters and track circuits, for use on all railway infrastructure, from metros to urban networks and very high-speed lines (350 km/h). They can also be installed in stations, at level crossings, on low-traffic tracks, etc. Smartway products are compatible with all traction types and all major track gauges. Finally, our extensive worldwide footprint has enabled us to design products that can withstand the most severe operating conditions, in particular extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C.

Made for reliability

Smartway products are standardised to ensure low total cost of ownership, with low or no maintenance necessary. They can also incorporate remote and predictive diagnostics to provide accurate information to infrastructure maintainers, in order to guarantee optimal network availability and smooth railway operations.

High safety at optimal cost

Alstom’s trackside products are service proven and build on the firm’s 100 years of experience in the subject area. With safety of paramount importance, Smartway products comply with all international standards such as CENELEC and AREMA, whilst comprising features to reduce overall cost of operation – such as ”in-tie” point machines for the automatic tamping of the ballast . Combined with trouble-free maintenance and very high mean times between failures (MTBF) - a measure of availability, railway infrastructure managers have solutions that they can count on to optimise their investment in the long term.

countries worldwide of installed base
million operation lifetime for Hy-Drive and “in-tie” Point Machines
hour-MTBF for track circuits