Track products: Meeting the needs of global railway customers

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Track products at a glance

  • A wide portfolio to meet all needs
  • Compatible with all traction types and all major track gauges
  • Suitable for harsh environments

Alstom’s portfolio of track products responds ideally to the need for the modernisation of railway infrastructure. Continuous innovation drives value creation, while our years of expertise guarantee their reliability.

A comprehensive line of point machines

Alstom offers an extensive line of point machines for wayside and yards, comprising state-of-the-art machines for urban, mainline and freight and mining operators. The portfolio encompasses traditional and in-tie, trailable and non-trailable point machines, both electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic, all proven in use in light and heavy rail application, with different types of gauges, and compliant with all major railway standards. The solution for application in yards can furthermore be designed to operate on solar power.

Large portfolio of train detection devices

We offer a large portfolio covering all track circuit functions (low frequency, audio frequency, speed code transmission), with enhanced performance in terms of availability, noise immunity and adaptability to track conditions.

We can also supply a fail-safe axle counter solution, providing reliable track occupancy based on magnetic field technology. This is configurable for all applications between stations, in station and level crossing areas for a wide range of rail applications.

Proven technology for rail crossing protection

The family of wayside electronics for crossing protection combines the benefits of years of crossing experience with the modern capabilities of the Alstom platform. Our solutions are easily scalable and expandable, and a distinctive constant warning train detection system is also available.

Quality through experience

The reliability of our products is achieved through continuous improvement which stems from valuable field experience and customer feedback. Clients all over the world acknowledge our innovation capabilities and our focus on ever greater reliability, availability and safety.


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  • 50,000+
    crossing platform units worldwide
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    century-long experience in switch machine products and solutions