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Major transmission and distribution orders for ALSTOM in

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ALSTOM's T&D Sector, through its Mexican
operations, has won three orders worth a total amount of over
70 million euros for the supply of transmission and
distribution equipment to Mexico's electricity

Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) has
awarded ALSTOM an order for 15 high voltage air insulated
substations. This turnkey project, which should be completed
in 18 months, will add 910 MVA of electricity capacity to the
states of Guanajuato, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacan, Mexico,
San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas.

CFE also placed orders for HV instrument
transformers, power capacitors and a large number of MV
outdoor circuit-breakers to be supplied by ALSTOM.

Electricity utility Luz y Fuerza del Centro has placed an
order with ALSTOM for three high voltage gas insulated
substations, plus loose HV circuit breakers and

With these three new contracts, ALSTOM
strengthens its position in the power transmission and
distribution market in Mexico. ALSTOM T&D recently
supplied CFE with 14,000 power capacitors, a 450-kilometre
power line and 16 Air Insulated Substations on a BLT (Build,
Lease, Transfer) basis.

ALSTOM's new Instrument Transformer production plant, based
in Toluca, was inaugurated in April 1999. ALSTOM's T&D
operations currently employ about 1200 people in

ALSTOM's Transmission & Distribution
Sector is a leading supplier of equipment, systems and
services for the power transmission and distribution market,
bringing power from the generator to large end-users.

ALSTOM is a world leader in the energy and
transport infrastructure markets. Present in more than 60
countries, ALSTOM is organised in six sectors, Energy
(through ABB ALSTOM POWER, the 50-50 joint company created
with ABB), Transmission & Distribution, Transport,
Industry, Marine and Contracting, all of these being
supported by the ALSTOM Network.