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SNCF awards Alstom a contract worth 800 million for
the supply of 100 Coradia Polyvalent regional trains

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The customers already expressed intention to take up
the option for 35 additional trains could quickly bring the
contract value to 1 billion. The total volume could
eventually reach 1,000 Coradia Polyvalent trainsets up to 2021,
for an amount of around 7 billion. The deliveries of the
first 100 trains are planned from 2013 and will be completed in

The highly modular Coradia Polyvalent is a single-decker
regional train that offers several technical configurations
along with modular fittings for passengers. The train can
travel at a speed of 160 km/h in both its electric or hybrid
versions and at two different voltages (25 kV and 1500 V). It
is also available in a trans-border version for operation on
the German and Swiss rail networks at a voltage of 15 kV.

The Coradia Polyvalent has a low-floor allowing travellers
optimal accessibility and great visibility strengthening
security. Motor bogies are positioned at the far ends of each
carriage to reduce vibrations and noise levels. It will consume
less energy than its competitors in order to reduce CO2
emissions and its design incorporates eco-friendly materials.
It will be equipped with more compact and more efficient
permanent magnet motors which sustain less energy loss than
traditional electric motors. The technical choices incorporated
into its design will fulfil the dual objective of facilitating
maintenance and optimising life-cycle cost.

The new train will be designed, manufactured and assembled in
Alstom Transports facilities in France.

With an average annual growth of 6 %, the French regional rail
transport market recorded a 40% increase in passenger numbers
since the end of 2002. Every day, 800,000 people travel on
5,700 trains on 260 lines. On the basis of its current growth,
French regional rail transport will quadruple by 2030.

Thanks to over 30 years experience in regional
transport, the Alstom Coradia range of intercity and regional
trains can provide alternative solutions to sharply increasing
road and motorway traffic and to continuing urban expansion.
Alstom has sold its Coradia trains to nine European countries
and has built, in its French, German and Italian plants, more
than 3,000 regional trainsets, which have already covered a
total of over 4 billion kilometres.



      - Two power options: electric
or hybrid

      - Three lengths: 110 m, 72 m,
56 m

      - Three comfort standards:
interurban, regional, intercity

      - Interior fittings: over 50
customization options

Maximum speed: 160 km/h

Maximum capacity: up to 1,000 seats (3 long-version

Three voltage supplies: 25 kV and 1500 V; 15 kV for
transborder versions

On-board communication system: video screens, dynamic
announcement and voice message systems

Consumption and CO2 emissions: savings of 10% to 20%
depending on operating conditions

Recyclability: 92% recoverable materials

Press contacts
Philippe Kasse (Corporate)

Tel: +33 (0)1 41 49 29 82 / 33 08

Laurent Gerbet (Alstom Transport)

Tel: +33 (0)1 57 06 92 83

Investor relations
Emmanuelle ChatelainTel : + 33 (0)1 41 49 37 38