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Alstom congratulates AEP on receiving funding to expand historic Mountaineer CCS Project

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Philippe Joubert said, We congratulate our partners at AEP on this award. It is particularly appropriate that the award be made days before the start of the Copenhagen Summit since it reinforces the central role that technology can play in addressing carbon dioxide emissions and the progress that can be made when government and private industry partner to finance such technologies. 

On 4th December, DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced that an award would be made to a project team led by AEP to help fund the construction of a new large scale capture facility that can capture 1.5 million metric tons per year of CO2 from the Mountaineer Power Plant near New Haven, WV.  The new project will therefore have 15 times the capture capacity of the already existing facility at Mountaineer, which started operations earlier this Fall.  In both cases, Alstom is the technology provider and supplier of the patented chilled ammonia carbon-capture technology used, and the captured CO2 will be stored in underground saline formations located near the plant.

Alstom, the worlds largest supplier of power generation equipment, is a leader in the development of carbon capture technologies.  Alstom is operating or finalizing the development of ten demonstration projects in six different countries for the most promising carbon capture technologies.  Alstom has committed to having a commercial offering for carbon capture available by 2015.

Alstom is at the forefront of carbon capture technology development.  In the past few years, Alstom has announced plans to develop ten CO2 capture demonstration projects in six countries.  All told, Alstom is mobilizing hundreds of employees and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in support of its stated goal of making carbon capture technology commercially available within six years.

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