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Alstom unveils the first train for the RER A line in France

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On 8 February 2011, Jean-Paul Huchon, Chairman of the Région Ile de France and the STIF, Pierre Mongin, Chief Executive Officer of the RATP , and Philippe Mellier, Chairman of Alstom Transport, unveiled the first trainset of the RER A MI09. In April 2009, the Alstom-Bombardier consortium signed a contract for 130 MI09 double-deck trainsets and received the order for the firm tranche of 60 trainsets for this project sponsored and co-financed by the STIF and RATP. The total contract amount is €917 million, of which 70% - approximately €640 million- will accrue to Alstom. The trainsets will run on the RER A line and will replace the MI84 single-deck trains currently in operation, which have the lowest capacity of the three types of rolling stock assigned to line A.

The first complete trainset left the production lines in just 16 months (preliminary studies, design, industrialization and production), which represents a real challenge in the rail industry. The first body shells of the double-deck trainsets (MI09) left the metalworking assembly lines in January 2010: the first car entered the paint shop and left at the end of January 2010. Work on the train's interior fittings began in early February on the finishing line. The first vehicle spent approximately five months on the finishing lines before being sent for testing in August. The first trainset (five vehicles) entered the Rail Test Centre (CEF) in early October 2010. Certification tests have now begun on three MI09 trains. Commercial operation is scheduled to begin by the end of 2011.

Double-deck trainsets for RER A, high-quality service for passengers

Priority has been given to carrying capacity, ease of movement and passenger comfort. The double-deck trainsets - the only ones that can cope with more than one million passengers per day - can each transport up to 1,725 people, reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h. The 110-metre long trainsets consist of five cars, each equipped with three wide doors on each side.

For passenger comfort and safety, the trains will be equipped with a video protection system. The lighting enhances the feeling of tranquility. LCD screens will provide passengers with information about their destination, the stations served and connections. The trains have areas reserved for people with reduced mobility. Finally, a Wi-Fi train-ground connection will be used to transmit the train's operating parameters and to plan for maintenance operations, thereby ensuring reliable service.

The new design also boasts a re-worked interior. The seats have new, more accessible support bars and the entry platforms have been redesigned for greater transparency and a more direct view into the upper and lower levels, making the entrances and exits, as well as movement inside the trainset, more fluid. The new harmonious colour scheme reflects contemporary trends, creating a soft, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The wide doors allow passengers to board and disembark very quickly.
The exterior of the MI09 has an immediately recognizable design, which clearly embodies the identity and values upheld by the RATP: power, speed and flexibility.

MI09, a source of economic vitality in France's regions

Alstom Transport, the leading manufacturing company in the French rail sector, helps to boost local economies through its nine manufacturing sites in eight French regions. Alstom Transport’s 8,800 employees in France provide expertise to both French and international customers and, in addition to direct jobs, the company generates nearly 27,000 indirect jobs at SMEs, with each job at Alstom generating approximately three jobs for its direct suppliers. Since the contract was signed in April 2009, between 150 and 220 people (engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, workers, etc.) have been involved in the project at Alstom’s Valenciennes Petite-Forêt site. Other Alstom sites are also participating in the manufacturing process: Ornans is providing the traction engines, Le Creusot the bogies, Tarbes the electric blocks and traction equipment, and Villeurbanne the control-command electronic system. All in all, some 500 people have worked on this project for seven years at Alstom's sites in France.
In addition, 86% of the suppliers with whom the French sites work are based in France (SAEP, Sofanor, Stratiforme, Neu/Faiveley, Depreco, Barat, Voisin, etc.).
Finally, Alstom Transport contributes to competency development in France, allocating 4% of its annual turnover to research and development, 80% of which is invested in France.

MI09, a new vehicle of sustainable transportThe MI09 trainsets will be equipped with a high-performance traction chain which will reduce energy consumption and generate less dust on braking thanks to greater use of electric braking.
A new water-based process is also being used for the first time in the new spray booths at Alstom’s Valenciennes Petite-Forêt site.

MI09, one element of the RATP’s modernization plan
As part of a modernization plan for the Paris metro, the RATP plans to continue to put dozens of brand new trainsets into operation in an effort to update the existing fleet.
After line 2 (Porte Dauphine - Nation), which is fully equipped with new MF01 equipment, this latest-generation metro train will replace trains on the Paris metro on lines 5 (Bobigny - Place d’Italie) and 9 (Pont de Sèvres – Mairie de Montreuil), currently serviced by the old MF67 trainsets. Alstom Transport was commissioned to design and produce 94 trainsets as part of a consortium with Bombardier in July 2001. Commercial service began in December 2007. The consortium will deliver the MF01 at a rate of 20 trainsets per year until 2015.

On 20 October 2005, Alstom was awarded a contract by the RATP to supply 59 MP05 metro trains (with 10 as an option) to equip line 1 which is in the process of being automated. They will enter service in stages between mid-2011 (combined operation trains with and without conductors) and 2012 (fully automated operation).


MI09 in figures

  • Each car consists of more than 30 tonnes of steel and 30 km of cables, insulating materials, composite materials and electronic equipment.
  • Some 200 people are working on the project at Alstom Transport’s Valenciennes site. Between 12 and 20 people are working on the project at the Rail Test Centre (CEF):
  • the MI09 project represents 300,000 research hours, i.e. approximately 2,500 production hours per car, more than 15,000 research proposals, etc.


About Alstom Transport in France

Operating from nine sites in France, Alstom Transport is the leading manufacturing company in the French rail sector and helps boost local economies. Alstom’s 8,800 employees in France provide expertise to both French and international customers, with one job at Alstom generating approximately three jobs for its suppliers.

About Alstom Transport

With a focus on sustainable transport, Alstom Transport develops and offers the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the rail market. Alstom Transport is capable of managing an entire transport system, from rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure, as well as offering turnkey solutions. In 2008-2009, Alstom Transport had turnover of €5.7 billion and its orders increased by 9% over the previous financial year. Alstom Transport is present in more than 60 countries and employs 27,000 people.

Press contacts :Pauline Bochot (France)
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Anne-Sophie Carrière (Valenciennes)
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